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Go Fly A Kite

While today’s weather makes spring feel a million days away, it won’t stop us from teaching you how to craft a kite. Join Trava and Emily for a blustery adventure this Saturday at Meinders Community Library.

With enough practice, you can be a kite-making pro just in time for kite-flying season.

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It’s a Win Win

Share your library love and enter a drawing for a chance to win $100.

Participate in the #MyLibrary promotion on social media.

As National Library Week Honorary Chair Molly Shannon says, “Libraries are places where communities connect—to things like broadband, computers, programs and classes, books, movies, video games, and more.” During National Library Week 2022, we’re asking you to share the connections you’ve made thanks to your library. Did you find a great book? Get access to computers? Attend a great program or storytime? Did you make new friends at the library’s book club?

Tell us by posting to Instagram, Twitter, or on the I Love Libraries Facebook page. Use the hashtag #MyLibrary.  We’ll gather all the entries, and one randomly selected winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card.  The promotion starts Sunday, April 3 at noon CT and ends on Saturday, April 9 at noon CT. Don’t forget to tag your library!

If you love your library, say it loud and proud: vocal community support helps libraries secure much-needed funding and reminds hardworking library staff that their efforts are appreciated. Participating in the #MyLibrary promotion is a quick, easy way to help your library thrive!

Official rules (PDF)

Help spread the word about the #MyLibrary promotion by sharing these graphics on social media:
Twitter/Facebook | Instagram

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My Favorite Day in Library Land

In the midst of a week that recognizes libraries on a national level, library workers get one day set aside to celebrate all the goodness they bring to the communities they serve. As the director of a tiny, but mighty staff, National Library Workers Day is by far my favorite “holiday”.

jody, emily, sally, kim: serving the pipestone community for a collective 50+ years!

For those in our community who use the library, your reasons for loving my awesome staff may be slightly different than mine. Thankfully, the American Library Association provides a place for you to:

Nominate a stellar library worker!

Nominations may come from library users, students, children, colleagues, faculty, or management.  Your nominee will show up on the Galaxy of Stars for the whole world to see!

So, why do I love my staff? (In alphabetical order as librarians are wont to do.)

Emily has so much energy and her bubbly personality spills over to anyone in her sphere, making her the perfect children’s librarian. She’s an incredible singer, which you may not think has anything to do with library work, but you would be surprised at the sheer number of opportunities she has to break into song throughout any given day. Em also has innate book sense and is invaluable in curating our collection so it is accessible to all our patrons. And her wit. You may not see it often, but when you do, your sides will hurt and tears will literally stream down your face.

Kim is a whirlwind of efficiency. She’s like the black lab of the library, always on the hunt for a new project to complete. Everything she touches is done consistently, accurately, and in record time. Her organizational skills are out of this world, and we are kindred spirits where aesthetics are concerned. The shelves always look their tidy best when Kim is on duty! Further, she could teach customer service classes. Her ability to connect with any patron and make them feel as if they are the most important thing on her to do list is a gift. And she knows everyone.

Sally is the/a library. Her institutional knowledge (and crazy awesome memory) make her the most accurate database I’ve ever used. I would never succeed in my job without being able to tap into her superpower. Fellow introverts, Sally and I can work together for hours in complete silence. Yet the second a patron walks in, she is super attentive and nearly omniscient in her ability to help them find exactly what they need without even having to ask. (See above: crazy awesome memory plus over 25 years of dedication to the Public Library in a town she grew up in.) Devoted, compassionate and helpful are but a few of the words that describe Sally’s value to me and everyone who has the pleasure of working with her.

Together, this fantastic team puts in endless hours of work each week to provide quality services to anyone who uses our library. Without them, Meinders Community Library would not be nearly as sweet as it is!

read, celebrate, repeat

best team ever~ jody

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Saturday Kids Programs

We have two upcoming Saturday programs for kids and families at Meinders Community Library!

On Saturday, April 9th at 10:30am, we are having a Kite Making Workshop with the Pipestone County Historical Society. We’ll read a story about kites and then build and fly our own kites.

Join us on Saturday, April 16th at 10:30am for a storytime about Things That Hatch.

Both events are free and open to all.

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Game On

Games donated by The Spiel Foundation

Meinders Community Library recently received a donation from The Spiel Foundation of five new family-friendly games. The donation also included a documentary about the process of making a board game, great for any burgeoning game designers.

If you would like to test drive one of these new games, our next Games & Grub night is on Thursday, April 7th at 5:30pm. Sign up by calling 507-825-6714 or stopping at Meinders Community Library. We have a bunch of dedicated Scrabblers who attend Games & Grub, but we’re always willing to explore other games if you bring a favorite from home.

April Games & Grub
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Video Link to Public Forum

Thanks to all who submitted questions to last night’s Moderated Community Forum, as well as those who attended. Also thanks to all the panelists who answered questions and helped provide valuable information regarding both school and public library services. Your input is invaluable in helping determine the future of library services in Pipestone.

The public forum is up live:

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to your public officials as we enter the next phase and begin negotiations between the city and the district.

The negotiations committee consists of the following:

  • Jeff Baatz: Pipestone Area School Board
  • Brad Carson: Pipestone Area School Board
  • Dan Delaney: Pipestone City Council
  • Lance Oye: Pipestone Area School Board
  • Evan Schiller: Library Board Director and appointee of the City of Pipestone
  • Justin Schroyer: Pipestone City Council

In my capacity as the Public Library Director, I will continue to answer questions regarding the logistics of library operations or clarifications on anything I said at the forum. As such, I have already had quite a few people ask about the current employment of public library staff and the funds with which they are paid. I will provide a quick overview followed by the pertaining statutes as well as this link to all Minnesota statutes regarding public libraries.

  • Public library staff are paid for out of the public library funds.
  • These funds are required by law to be kept separate from all other funds and are under the express control of the Library Board.
  • All library expenses including staff salaries are paid for out of the public library fund.
  • Via the Public Library Agreement of 1993, the district is the public library’s fiscal agent.

So, while public library staff receive their paychecks from the district, their salaries and all other expenses are paid for by the public library fund. In the case of Meinders Community Library, the funding levels for 2021 were as follows:

  • City of Pipestone: $116,150
  • Pipestone County: $33,561
  • Pipestone Area Schools:
    • Community Education: $17,000
    • In-Kind Services (custodial services, utilities, tech support, etc): $45,419

134.11 ORGANIZATION OF BOARD; DUTIES. Subd. 2. Duties: The library board…shall have exclusive control of the expenditure of all money collected for or placed to the credit of the library fund, of interest earned on all money collected for or placed to the credit of the library fund…. All money received for the library shall be…kept separate from other money…and paid out only upon approval by the board.

134.195 LIBRARY OPERATED BY CITY AND SCHOOL DISTRICT. Subd. 9. Contracts: The library board may contract with the school board, the regional library board, or the city in which the library is situated to provide personnel, fiscal, or administrative services. The contract shall state the personnel, fiscal, and administrative services and payments to be provided by each party.