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How to Enjoy a Rumpus

Thanks to Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to the idea of a rumpus. But you don’t have to have wild creatures, bowls of soup, and naughty boys to appreciate a Wild Rumpus. In fact, you can enjoy a bit of a rumpus this winter with little to no prep.

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Ingredients of a Good Rumpus

  • a wild thing or two
  • time to devote to the rumpus
  • a loosening of your ideals on how perfectly behaved children (and their caretakers) should act
  • miscellany such as pillows, blankets, treats, books, games, imaginations, stuffed animals, nerf guns, etc…

Mix the above ingredients together in any order and proportion and see where you end up. It might be in a blanket fort playing board games or in a pillow pile with good books and great conversations. It might be sitting at a counter (or on it) eating ice cream out of the container while still in your pjs. Regardless, any scenario focused on connecting with others in your life without an agenda is always a win.

Another way to enjoy a wild rumpus: visit the indie book store in the Twin Cities that adopted the idea of a noisy, free-ranging, raucous commotion both in spirit and in name. The Wild Rumpus book store is a delight in every way. If you happen to be in the area you should visit it in person with your favorite little person. Whether or not you buy a book, the experience is truly magical. If, however, COVID and distance have you far from one of the most unique book stores around, you can still enjoy it.

Story times (ie reading aloud to young–and old–children) are more important now than ever before. Even virtual story times breathe life into the characters and plot, and connect youth to the written word in a very different way than slogging through the words on one’s own. Quite simply, shared stories open the door to all possibilities and ignite imaginations in a way unlike any other activity.

So, in addition to joining our very own Emily for her virtual story times on Facebook, you can settle in with your personal wild thing and listen to talented readers in both English and Spanish from wherever you love to snuggle up.

Of course, you can always pull out a classic and share Where the Wild Things Are with the next generation. Just be prepared for the wild rumpus that is sure to ensue!

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Meinders Midwinter Staycation

Tomorrow should be our library’s annual Midwinter Staycation. In the past, this Saturday reset has been filled with self-care, reading, yoga, good company, good discussion, and good food. It has also included a viewing of the PAS One Act play.

Like everything else this year, our Staycation will take place virtually. It is completely self-directed, but we hope you will partake in some of our offerings to make your Saturday a little brighter and your outlook on the rest of winter a little more bearable.

Further, you will have several opportunities to enter our crockpot “door prize” drawing. We are sharing tomorrow’s schedule with you today, so you can collect everything you need to jumpstart the weekend. Including this:

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Staycation Schedule

  • Start your day with a moment of mindfulness and a quick yoga practice with Jamie at JRRYoga. As a seasoned massage therapist and certified yoga instructor, Jamie has been a staple at our Staycations. Click here to begin your yoga session. After you are done, use the form below to drop a note identifying the cameo appearance.
  • Spend some time with the written word. Make this time deliberate and thoughtful. If you’re not typically a reader, this quick 15-20 minutes can help you reconnect with something you are interested in. For busy readers, it can reaffirm your love of stories and provide the impetus for starting that new novel you’ve been meaning to read. Don’t have a book in your house? Never fear, your Plum Creek Library card provides access to several digital platforms right from your computer, phone, or tablet. Click here to open our Quick Links page and the digital door to reading materials for all ages and interests. If your card needs renewed or you have forgotten your password, call the library today before 5pm close, and we will help you log into the platform of your choice.
  • Stream a One Act Play. On a typical Staycation Saturday, we would support the PAS One Act cast by watching their subsection performance. Please read about their virtual season here, then search online for one act play videos that interest you. Most One Act Plays last between 15 and 45 minutes. Let us know what you watched and what you thought.
  • Finally, treat yourself to a steaming bowl of chili. In previous years, we’ve made flavored coffee syrups, scrumptious drink mixes, and appetizers to be shared before and/or after lunch. This year, we’re going all out and making a complete meal to battle the chilly temps. This unique chili recipe goes great with shredded cheddar cheese, soda crackers, Frito Lay Scoops, or cornbread. Just keep in mind that any good, throw-together recipe can be modified to taste. A double recipe feeds my voracious family of six.


  • 1 to 1.5 pounds browned hamburger
  • 1 diced onion, sauteed in the pan used for the burger
  • 1 large can (28oz) of diced, stewed, or petite diced tomatoes
  • 1 can (15oz) Hormel Chili with beans
  • 5-8 minced peperoncini peppers with seeds
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup peperoncini juice
  • Chili powder to taste

Mix together all ingredients in a crockpot and let simmer until hot. If you get started late in the day and find yourself hungry now, you can cook the chili on the stove. Like all things in life right now, flexibility is key!

Fill out the form below to let us know how you participated in our Meinders Midwinter Staycation–even if you do so on Sunday (or Monday). We will announce the door prize winner of a 7-quart Slow Cooker next Wednesday, January 27th.

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Winter Reading Program

It’s time for the Winter Reading Program! Read 12 books between January 1st and March 31st to win a prize and do a bingo card for extra chances to win. You can get a reading log and bingo card when you visit the library for an appointment or let us know if you would like one included with your curbside pickup.

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Readers and Writers Wanted

While we are not quite ready to resume in-house programming, we are ready to tackle virtual writing groups and book clubs–because one thing the pandemic has taught us is that immersing ourselves in the world of words can help alleviate stress. It allows us to process and lets us escape. It brings a sense of normalcy to this unique and chaotic world.

Reading and writing can also bring us together. So without further ado, please meet the newest page on our blog and one of our newest favorite activities in the world: Virtual Clubs

We have three of them, because, as we all know, the best things come in threes. Except, maybe, poison ivy. Click the pics for more information on what we are reading and writing this September.

Lovely photo of Emily’s to-be-read piles from this summer.

Beyond the Book

This reading group is perfect for lovers of historical and literary fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs. On the first of the month, we will announce a new book. On the 15th of each month, we will post a review along with an invitation for readers to join in the discussion online.

Lovely photo of Nancy Drew, the Lorax, and Cruella DeVille for Storybooks on Parade.

Novel Characters

Genre fiction best describes the books we’ll read in this very social, socially distanced book club. Grab a snack, a drink of choice, and your computer to zoom with fellow bibliophiles every fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. Participants must sign up to receive the zoom link.

Lovely reminder of how hard it is to be a good writer and why we need other writers to support us.

Pen 2 Page Writers Cafe

If you enjoy penning poetry, short stories, articles, or entire novels, you’ve come to the right place. This local writers group will take place entirely online, beginning with a writing prompt and check-in on the second Thursday of each month. Will include a writing and publishing Q&A forum.

mask up and keep reading~ jody

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Ebooks Minnesota Reads

We’ve talked before about Ebooks Minnesota and all of the amazing books Minnesota residents can read for free without needing to pull out a library card. Here are a couple things available on Ebooks Minnesota for the summer and a hidden gem we wanted to highlight.

Our next One Book | One Minnesota read is the essay collection A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota, edited by Sun Yung Shin. You can find the book and a reading guide here: The library will have a book discussion of A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota on Wednesday July 22nd at 6:30pm. Let us know if you are interested either by emailing or by calling 507-825-6714. We will determine if the event will be in person or online once we have an idea of how many people are interested.

Check out Virtual Library Comic Con at There are comics for all ages and interests, from history to sports to superheroes to drawing and more. Additional comics will be made available throughout the summer and there will be an online event on July 30th. These comics will be available through August 31st.

Jake Maddox fans will be excited to know that many of his books are available on Ebooks Minnesota, both chapter books and comics. If you’ve never read a Jake Maddox before, here’s a video with Emily reading the first couple chapters of Catching Confidence to give you a taste.

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Journey Down the Mississippi with Doug Ohman, Part Three

Enjoy the final part of Doug Ohman’s Journey Down the Mississippi.

Part 3:  From the river city of St. Paul ride along with kayaker Doug Ohman as he completes the entire Mississippi River to the Iowa border.  This stretch of nearly 200 miles of river takes us into some of the most picturesque scenery on our trip so far.  We will also experience some of the most charming river towns in the state, such as Red Wing and Wabasha.  When we finally get to the Iowa border, we will have traveled approximately 720 miles of this incredible American river.

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Journey Down the Mississippi with Doug Ohman, Part Two

Today we have part two of Doug Ohman’s Journey Down the Mississippi. We’ll have the final part for you next week.

Part 2:  Continue Kayaking with Doug Ohman through the heart of Minnesota from Little Falls to St. Paul.  This 130 miles of river is sure to entertain and educate as we travel through some larger urban centers such as St. Cloud and Minneapolis.  We will experience going through three river locks on this stretch.  Doug will also share more historical information about two very important explorers of the Mississippi River.

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Journey Down the Mississippi with Doug Ohman, Part One


Doug Ohman visited Meinders Community Library in April of 2019 and we are delighted to bring you his three-part series exploring the Mississippi River. Check back next week for part two.

Part 1: Ride along by kayak on the Mighty Mississippi River with Minnesota photographer and storyteller, Doug Ohman.  Doug will take you from the river’s headwaters at Lake Itasca to the central Minnesota town of Little Falls.  Along the way you will experience wilderness, large lakes and interesting towns in this 400 mile journey.  Doug will share Minnesota history and stories that relate to this upper section of river.   

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Guess the Librarian Winners Week 6 & 7


Thanks to the Pipestone Area Friends of the Library and a bunch of area businesses, we have gift cards for our Guess the Librarian participants. Every time local participants guess correctly, their name will go into a weekly drawing. We will also be giving away a George Foreman grill at the end of our Guess the Librarian games, so keep guessing!

  • Week Six Winner: Monica Sullivan
  • Week Seven Winner: Diane Scotting

Winners can expect an email within the week with details. Thanks for playing and see you next week for more guessing fun!