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Stick Together, But Apart

Midnight tonight marks Minnesota’s first day of Staying Home.

stick together t shirt
Photo of  this incredible 2019 MN State Fair T-shirt courtesy of Myself.

Just remember to hang with your family, friends, and neighbors from afar!

*no strawberries, bananas, pickles, eggs, pie, or other impaled objects were harmed in the taking of this photo. I can’t vouch for their safety over the next two weeks of social distancing!

stay safe, stay sane, and play board games with your home-community peeps~ jody

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Silver Linings

hair care books

If you are brave enough to embrace your natural hair, the library may be able to help. And what better time to stop blow-drying, straightening, and dying your hair than when you are stuck alone in your home for an indefinite period of time?

My daughter and I recently started our natural-hair journeys. So far, it’s been an interesting ride. After finding out our curl types, we haven’t blow-dried, curled, or straightened our locks in two weeks. You can join us on this adventure from the comfort of your own home. Simply talk with your hair stylist (seriously, I texted Stacy today), or put one of the above books on hold from the library for curbside pick up.

Worried about missed times with your favorite hair stylist? Never fear. Healthy hair actually requires more frequent cuts and great products, making you a frequent flyer to your local salon. In fact, buying product and prepaying for those haircuts now can help your stylist weather the storm. In the end, you may both find a silver lining in the midst of these chaotic times.

wash your hands, pamper your hair, and stay safe~ jody

In case you are wondering what going natural looks like in real time, here are before and after pictures of my daughter. Nearly every day for ten years, she’s straightened her hair. When I suggested she give up her straightener, she thought I was crazy. A week later, she wasn’t nearly as skeptical.

Left pic is Day One of the Great Curl Adventure. Right pic was taken on Day Eight.

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Things I’m Learning

73D40588-C55A-45F3-B3BF-B86A37581BC4I am a staunch believer that we are never too old, too smart, or too educated to stop learning. Of course, it may be due to the fact that I am not too old yet (just older), too smart, or too educated. Or, it just might mean that it’s inhumanly possible to learn everything in one lifetime.

Regardless, as our library is evolving along with the COVID-19 crisis, I am learning so much more.

  • Videography: Who knew it was so danged hard to do? After recording tutorials and story times, I now have tremendous respect for the peeps behind the cameras. The brain and the hands don’t always act in concert–or at least, mine don’t. Quite a few times, I zoomed when I should not have, and even as my brain was screaming, “NOOOOO! The other way!”, my fingers continued to bring Em’s beautiful face up close and personal. Stay tuned for when and where these will be broadcast, and like me, you can learn to appreciate good cinematography.
  • The artistic world is a generous place. As a writer myself, I knew this on a gut level, but the complete outpouring of amazing artists, authors and illustrators who are making themselves and their materials available to the masses is astounding. Check out these sweet sites and engage with new experiences.
  • The world is a generous place. Again, I know this in theory, but to see it play out in real time on a global level warms my heart. If ever there was a sign that the human race has a hopeful future, it is seen in the nightly Italian serenades, the Little Free Libraries turned Little Free Pantries, and through locals buying gift cards and ordering take-out in unprecedented numbers to support our community businesses.
  • Some households across our country, state, and county do not have access to information outside of public libraries. Again, this I “knew”. But I didn’t quite grasp the extent of it. We take for granted radios, televisions with rabbit ears, cable tv, internet, and smart phones–or at least, I do. That said, we don’t always realize that some individuals may not have access to any of them. If you know someone who doesn’t have access to any of these news outlets, please contact us. We will find radios to match with households.
  • Lastly, not all information is good, accurate, or reliable. This is why I love, love, love the fact that The New York Times and nearly all other major news outlets are providing reader access to digital COVID-19 content. Folks, please learn how to vet your news sources and information. Look for articles with linked research, studies, or professional interviews. These citations can help you determine if a statement has some meat, or if it’s an opinion with info and speculation passed on from someone’s neighbor’s, grandma’s, friend’s uncle who knows someone who knows. Be aware of articles, videos, and posts that only reinforce what you already believe or want to believe without providing you with an alternative perspective.

Please drop us a line and let us know what you’ve learned and where you’re learning it. We will pass along relevant links as we deem appropriate and relevant to our community.

keep reading, keep learning~ jody

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Hoard Books, Not Toilet Paper


Even in the best of times I’m a book hoarder. It’s one of the hazards/benefits of working at a library. I see all these amazing books coming across my desk and I can’t help but take a few home with me. Every day.

But this weekend, my book hoarding has a purpose. I’m participating in the 24in48 Readathon, where readers try to read for a solid 24 hours over a 48 hour period. You can follow my progress this weekend on our Instagram page, @meinderscommunitylibrary. You can follow or join the readathon on Instagram and Twitter with #stayhome24in48 or #24in48. Happy Reading!


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day


Today is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day! We’re celebrating by reading with our caterpillar and other friends. Soon these storytimes will be shown on Pipestone’s public access channel.

On our Facebook page, you can find a video of Eric Carle reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar courtesy of The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

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Business Casual

jody yoga pic

If you come to our door to pick up your curbside delivery of materials, you may find our staff dressed very casually.

Just know that business casual doesn’t mean lack of professionalism. In fact, we are dedicated to helping our community navigate these challenging times in any way we can. Some of us just prefer to do so in ponytails and yoga gear.

And while you can’t see the back of my shirt–I’m not that talented with camera angles, selfie settings, and mirrors–it says, “All bodies are good bodies.”

This is a great time to remind you that everybody’s health and safety is important. Studies indicate that practicing yoga and/or meditation can help improve your physical and mental well-being.

So, take care of all those good bodies out there with the help of the following websites.

Find local info here:

And my last two faves:

As always, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, read, and social distance.

stay connected~ jody

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Showdown at the Calumet Inn


It’s time for another large scale escape room! Join us for Showdown at the Calumet Inn on Saturday March 14th at 6:30pm. Appetizers will be provided and drinks and other food will be available for purchase. Pre-registration required. Ages 21+

To sign up your team or for more information, stop by Meinders Community Library or call us at 507-825-6714.