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Full STEAM Ahead 2019

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We had a great time at Full STEAM Ahead this past Saturday. Thank you to all of our volunteers, the Pipestone Area Friends of the Library, Coborn’s, Hanks’ Foods, Pepsi, Subway, State Farm Neighborhood Assist, and the Pipestone Area Community Foundation for helping us make this day a success.

Full STEAM Ahead attendees could enter a drawing to win a 3D printed prize. Our lucky winners are:

  • Beth Angrimson
  • Melissa Melcher
  • Aaron Prunty
  • Will Rops
  • Monica Sullivan

Most of the tools and technology we used on Saturday are also available to use in our STEAM Room. Patrons can use the STEAM Room any time the library is open outside of school hours and scheduled programs. Just ask a librarian to use the STEAM Room or for more information.

Even though Full STEAM Ahead is over, we still have plenty of STEAM activities going on at Meinders Library. Code Club starts today after school and will continue all summer on Mondays at 3:30pm. Kids 8-18 can learn how to make apps, games, and websites. We will also have STEAM activity days on Wednesdays at 2pm in June and July.


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Full STEAM Ahead Preview

As you gear up for our third annual maker event on Saturday, May 18, you may want a head start on mapping out your day. Use the following guide to maximize your time at Meinders Community Library.

Full steam Itinerary 2019

Full STEAM Ahead is a self-directed program of hands-on fun for all ages and interests. The open-house format allows for tinkerers to join us for a few hours or for the day. We are open from 10am-3pm.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the blog prior to Full STEAM Ahead to have your name put in a drawing for a 3D prize. One winner will be drawn from this social media pool. A list of winners will be shared on each of the media sites on Monday. Winners can contact the library to pick their prize and color scheme. 

Attend Full STEAM Ahead and enter your name once again. Five winners will be drawn at the end of Full STEAM Ahead.

3d prize pic

This event is free and open to the public, so spread the word and enjoy a day of exploration with family and friends!

The Pipestone Area Friends of the Library will be serving lunch from 11:00-1:00, thanks to generous donations from Coborns, Hank’s Foods, Pepsi, and Subway. In addition, support has been provided via our State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant, as well as a grant from the Pipestone Area Community Foundation for our digital makerspace.




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So Far, Yet Still So Close

20190509_193112Once again, my Saturday will be filled with travel. This weekend I’m taking a handful of audio books on the road with me to Duluth. Despite traveling solo, I’m super excited that I will have good company.

Thanks to our robust collection of audio books, both physical and digital, I was able to nab four books that intrigued me. From start to finish, the process took eight minutes.

What is an audio book, you may ask? It’s a handy little book you can take anywhere and listen to while doing nearly anything. Audio books can be in CD format or found online. I often like to listen to an audio book when I’m in the car by myself, as it passes the time and allows me to get to the bottom of my ToBeRead pile much quicker. It’s also a great companion when I’m working out or walking, doing dishes, or gardening.

We have two platforms at the library that allow Plum Creek Library System patrons to “read” audio books online.

Click for audiobooksrb digital


OverDrive eBooks audiobooks




When you find yourself far from home, stay connected with a great audio book from Meinders Library!


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Don’t love blogs? Not a Facebook fan?

Keep reading to learn how everyone can stay on top of Meinders Happenings!

Meinders Community Library is moving into the broader social media arena to meet you where you’re at. Please follow/friend/tweet with us from the comfort of your preferred social media account.

Traditionalists, never fear. We will continue to provide email updates through our blog, and newspaper columns for our die hard readers.

Still like rabbit ears and radio programs? Our programming flyers can be found on the public access channel, and many of our programs are videotaped and shown at a later date. Likewise, we will try to up our game for our auditory patrons by utilizing the radio station to help you #GetConnectedAtMeinders.

May Programming Preview

2019 spring happenings

Our goal is to bring community members together to learn, share, and grow through common experiences. All our programs are free and open to the public, so please attend those that interest you and share with others who may also enjoy what we have to offer!


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Summer Crafting Made Easy at Meinders

Summer brings oodles of reasons to invite friends over for food, fun, and fellowship or to preserve memories of good times past. Thanks to our State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant, we have added items to our STEAM Room that can help make your special moments pop.

Just in time for our third annual Full STEAM Ahead event on May 18, we’ve purchased more tools and tech for our makerspace at the library.


Highlighted today are Cricut cartridges for paper crafting, scrapbooking, and personalized gift making. We tried to pick a broad range of cricut cartridges, but we are always open to more suggestions from our crafty patrons. To date, six of our seventeen cartridges have arrived and are awaiting their first foray into the crafting world.

These will be available for in-house use in our makerspace or for checkout to local patrons. We have a Cricut machine for your die-cut needs, and a Cricut steamer for in-house, fabric creations such as t-shirts, bags, and blankets.

The tools are free to use, while sample supplies of paper, vinyl, and fabric are limited. Patrons will need to purchase their own consumable supplies for projects or crafting sessions.

Our STEAM Room is also available for reservation outside of school hours for individuals working on large projects or groups wishing to dabble with all we have to offer. Educators–both homeschool and public–can also contact us to reserve our makerspace or maker tools to enhance their curriculum and connect their students to the broader world.



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When is Easter Anyway?

Bunnies, birds, and Bibles. Easter is celebrated in a variety of ways across the globe. But one thing that troubles most people is the date in which Easter will actually arrive.

Image result for stork cartoon images creative commonsYou see, Easter isn’t one of those “fourth Thursday” kind of holidays. Instead, it’s more of a “due date” holiday that hinges on several factors before arriving each spring. In fact, Easter might grace your calendar anytime between March 22 and April 25.

So, you might ask, how is the date determined? In a nutshell, Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. There’s also a bit of math that goes into it that might tweak the date by a day or two, but for the most part, the answer hinges on the moon and the big guy who made the night skies possible.

This mash up of science and religion to determine a holiday is fascinating, and makes for good conversation and great real-world connections regardless of your personal beliefs.

Safe travels and happy Easter~ Jody

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Find Your Voice and Vote

Get connected with the past and help shape the future.

Freedom Books

Community is what draws people together. It’s a sense of belonging and investment. It’s the idea that we are in this together. It inspires us to understand and accept those around us as we strive to create a brighter future for the whole, and not the one.

Community is a gift and a responsibility.

Yet, community should never be confused with single-mindedness. Nor should community push aside diversity. Rather, it enfolds all our differences respectfully and in a way that allows all individuals to thrive.

Yes, I am talking about our town in general and the vote for the future of the elementary schools in particular. On Tuesday, April 9, each and every community member who is registered to vote can and should vote. Regardless of what you check mark on your ballot, voting is your opportunity to weigh the facts and help decide what direction our community will move toward in the years to come.

You have a voice. You have the right and the privilege to be heard. Your vote matters.

#progressivepipestone doesn’t mean your ideas, beliefs, and votes need to match those of your neighbors. It means you get to go to the polls and have your opinion counted.

Battles have been fought to ensure this right, and wars have been won. The process has sometimes been painful, but the outcome is thus: we are protected by our constitution to have the community we want. To better understand what this means for Pipestone and the elementary schools, Meinders Community Library has factual, unbiased information available for your perusal.

At this moment in time, we are writing the future. Someday, our words will be read by others. Some will be searching to connect with the past, while others will be looking as a guidepost to help shape the future. Let’s make this moment count.

For more history on the right to vote, please visit your local library. You can learn a lot from a good book!