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Tuesdays Are Delivery Days at Meinders

newspapersJust a quick update that deliveries from other PCLS Libraries will be processed and ready for pick up on Tuesdays after 1pm. Patrons do not need to call us. We will contact you to confirm that your hold is ready.

Currently, internal holds will be pulled and ready on a daily basis.

We have been leaving our newspapers out front for our patrons to read. They are available on a first come, first served basis. To minimize contact, please take them home with you and do not return them.

All returning items should be placed in the outside book drop (books) and/or media slot (DVD, audio books, magazines) beside the door.

If you don’t want to deal with returning your items, you can check out our digital materials. We have the links available on our quick links tab, as well as a quick Q&A on our FAQs tab.

As always, you can call us with your questions. We will remain open from 11am-6pm Monday through Friday with in-house use by appointment only until we are unable to do so.

Thanks so much for your flexibility with this ever-changing world we now find ourselves in.

sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands~ jody


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Life Lessons One Egg Bake at a Time

School is out. Life lessons are in.


In the midst of all this chaos, our children are closer than ever. All of a sudden, we have unlimited time to teach life skills that may slip away in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I hope your day starts off as lovely as mine with coffee, egg bake made by Youngest, and great conversation.

My morning thanks goes to all the employees at Coborn’s, Hank’s Foods, and Dollar General who tirelessly provide fresh food and supplies to our community. Your efforts are tremendously appreciated.

don’t touch your face~ jody

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How to Place a Library Book Hold

Please enjoy our first attempt at better connecting you with your library materials. This tutorial on placing a hold is by no means perfect, but it should get the job done!

If you have any questions on how to place a hold after viewing this, please give us a call or drop us an email.

We will continue to provide content in the upcoming weeks on a variety of topics such as accessing our digital platforms and other library related things.

For your sake, I hope we get this videography down a bit better and the quality of our content improves. If not, just remember, we may be amateur movie makers, but we’re professionals at recommending books!

safe and happy reading~ jody

P.S. The tissue was used to mop up coffee, not my nose. That said, I did wash my hands.

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Showdown at the Calumet Inn


It’s time for another large scale escape room! Join us for Showdown at the Calumet Inn on Saturday March 14th at 6:30pm. Appetizers will be provided and drinks and other food will be available for purchase. Pre-registration required. Ages 21+

To sign up your team or for more information, stop by Meinders Community Library or call us at 507-825-6714.


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Arrow Bots Live at the Library

It’s Robotics Season!

Arrowbots 2020
Current Ranking: 12 of 60

The Pipestone robotics team #3298 will be live-streamed from Grand Forks Friday and Saturday at the library. Today’s match times are listed below:

  • Match 10 @ 10:26am Won
  • Match 19 @ 11:37am Won
  • Match 29 @ 1:32pm   Won
  • Match 40 @ 2:58pm
  • Match 49 @ 4:08pm
  • Match 55 @  4:55pm
  • Match 62 @ 5:50pm

Saturday times:

  • Match 71 @ 10:00am
  • Match 89 @ 12:06pm

Stop in to support the Arrow Bots as they meet this year’s challenges and compete against other techies from across the nation. If you can’t join us at Meinders Community Library, follow the link and watch them from work or from home!