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Let’s Oust Social Distancing and Embrace the Physical Distance Between Us

As a space filled to the brim with words, we know that words matter. Many of them have multiple definitions and fluid connotations. As an introvert, the term “social distance” is permission to embrace the natural tendency to withdraw from social settings.

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For those balancing extroversion against the forced isolation of social distancing, the line isn’t so easily walked. Six feet suddenly feels like six miles of seclusion.

That said, even introverts need socialization and can feel nostalgic for daily interactions. I know I do. I miss the days when our library was filled with patrons bustling in and out, sharing snatches of conversation, and swapping snippets from daily life. I miss the times when all of our staff schedules overlapped and we touched base as a collective, not as individual runners merely passing on the baton in the work relay. I miss the times when social was what you did, not what you thought about day in and day out.

But words matter, and they can help us get through this. Instead of focusing on staying apart and not engaging with those around us, we should focus on staying apart safely. Swapping out “social distancing” with “physical distancing” just feels better. This way, six feet is merely six physical feet. It’s no longer a phrase directing us to stay away from each other at all costs.

Patrons should feel welcome to come into the library and share tiny slices of life with staff and other patrons. From the CDC guideline of six feet apart.

We can be social. And we can be safe. It just might take a change in our vocabulary to keep us from feeling isolated along the way.

Please call or email for a 20 minute browsing appointment. When you arrive, adhere to the state mask mandate and keep your six feet of physical distance while enjoying a moment or two of social connection. For patrons not wanting to enter the building, we continue to offer curbside pickup. Your safety and peace of mind are important to us.

stay safe and keep reading~ jody

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Wellness Wednesday: Week 4

We’re back for Week Four of Wellness Wednesday with JRRYoga and Meinders Community Library. Click on the above image to do this week’s quick yoga practice and check back next Wednesday for another video!

If you’re so inclined, you can keep Jamie in your wellness thoughts as she breathes through her yoga practice and COVID.

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Voices of America’s Youth

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One of the privileges of working with words is that sometimes you get to see more of them than the general public ever might. My last few evenings have been spent perusing submissions for a writing contest. These submissions included flash fiction, memoir, essays, writing portfolios, and short stories from seventh through twelfth graders.

As a published author myself and a presenter at young writers conferences, I’m in awe of the work before me.

Our country’s youth are bright, engaged, passionate, and compassionate. They are astute learners of our nation’s culture and introspective of their role within it. They are creative, talented, inquisitive, and hopeful. This, in the face of 2020’s trials and tribulations.

Never doubt that kids are resilient. Never doubt that they know and understand far more than we give them credit for. And never ever doubt that we can learn from those we are teaching.

I feel blessed and honored to be a part of this project. It has reminded me of all the good this younger generation brings to the table. It reassured me that, if we let them, these young people will help us heal, and that they will bring out our better selves.

After reading thousands of thoughtfully composed words by dozens of diverse, young voices, I am confident that America’s future is in good hands.

read widely, read often, and read with an open mind~ jody