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Food Lover’s Delight

Cooking trends constantly change. Yesterday it was vegan, today it’s Keto. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

Lucky for you, Meinders Library is prepared for the newest sensation with a subscription to A to Z World Food. This online cookbook easily accommodates the flavor of the month, as well as the country of the month. Tapping into tried and true recipes from 174 countries, this culinary delight is packed with history, culture, and information on the foods eaten around the world.

Also included on this easy to navigate website are historical timelines, food inventions, dining etiquette, much needed cooking conversions, and more. Described as a movable feast, A to Z world Food has recipes from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and every country in between.

This online cookbook is free and available to all patrons of Meinders Community Library. Simply visit A to Z World Food and sign in with your library card number.

Get connected with your inner foodie!



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If Words Were Snowflakes and Other Unscientific Thoughts

snow off deck
~my deck, my yard, my endless drifts of snow~

I know this endless wash of white is not unique to my yard. Everywhere we turn, the horizon is no longer visible. Instead, we see a minimalist painting of white on white on muted shades of yet more white.

It’s lovely and eerie and extremely thought provoking. When I look out my patio door, I can’t help but wonder just how many snowflakes my backyard holds.

While I will never know the answer to this pressing question, I found a way to put Mother Nature’s dubious gift into perspective.

And this, my friends, is where the completely unscientific part comes in.

By industry standards, an average 6″ x 9″ novel is roughly 90,000 words long. These little gems of literary delight take up about one inch of vertical space (without their covers).

My yard sits approximately 24 inches above the ground and the footprint of the section in the picture is 16′ x 16′. Twelve inches per foot divided by trim size = 672 books per layer–give or take–times 24 layers times 90,000 words equals a whopping 1,451,520,000.

To be clear, that is one billion, four hundred fifty-one million, five hundred twenty thousand words. Roughly.* 

Just for fun, let’s pretend my first reading endeavor included a James Patterson novel and that each book since the tender age of four was a best-selling novel.

To read all the words found in my little slice of yard, I would have been reading one book every day plus an extra five books per year in my spare time. Despite being an avid reader, I haven’t come close to accomplishing this goal. However, I would like to meet the person who has.

All this to say, if words were snowflakes, prose would fall from the heavens like manna, and I’d remain in this frozen tundra simply to wade through the ever-drifting stories of someone else’s imagination.

Happy reading~ Jody

*This estimate may or may not be accurate, as I’m a word gal, not a math genius.


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Yes, we are open.

snow-picMeinders Library will be open today, though the sidewalks and the parking lot may have drifting as the winds pick up.

Delivery will once again be delayed. Roads permitting, items will be processed and available Wednesday around 1:00 pm.

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Delivery Delays, Amazing Authors and an Early Close

Once again, Mother Nature is playing games with us and seems to be winning. While we plan to open at 10am, we will close at 3:00pm or if/when surrounding roads close. Currently, snow removal is stalled and may not be adequate to keep up with the expected blowing and drifting. Please use extra care when traveling today, and call ahead to make sure we are still open.

If you are short on reading materials, now is a good time to access our digital platforms and read an ebook from Overdrive or listen to an audiobook while sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. Simply hop on the Plum Creek website and access the digital collection using your library card. 

Due to the weather, the PCLS delivery is delayed. Meinders Community Library Patrons can expect delivery to be ready and processed on Monday.

PictureThat said, Saturday will be a great opportunity for community members to dig through the snow and meet Forensic Psychologist and Minnesota author, Frank Weber. Weber will be speaking at the Meinders Library in Pipestone at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 9.

Last year the Midwest Independent Publishers Association nominated his first book, Murder Book for best mystery, best romance, and best young adult novel.  His books are popular at colleges and secondary schools.

Weber performs psychological assessments in homicide and sexual assault cases and have written 2 murder mysteries, Murder Book and The I-94 Murders, released in 2017 and 2018 respectively.   His books have received great reviews from the Minneapolis Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Author website:

We hope you brave the cold to join us on Saturday for our intriguing guest.