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Meinders Library Closed through Monday February 15

Due to unforseen circumstances, Meinders Library in Pipestone is closed Thursday, Friday, saturday, and Monday. This includes no after school use, as the library will not be staffed.

Plans are to reopen on Tuesday, February 16, as possible. Items can be renewed online by logging into your PCLS account found on the right sidebar. No late fees will be accrued for overdue materials returned next week after we reopen.

If you have a burning library need or question that cannot wait until Tuesday, the wonderful libraries within our Plum Creek Library System will be happy to assist you as they are able.

We appreciate your patience while we navigate this time. Please stay tuned for updates.

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Meinders Library in Pipestone Closing Early Today

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Thanks to another visit from Mother Nature, the Library will be closing today at noon. We are taking in-house appointments and checking out materials for curbside pickup until 12:00pm today. As our driveway and parking lot can have significant drifting, please call before heading out to make sure the roads are passible and our doors are open.

Since we are in a Blizzard Warning this afternoon through 6pm Friday, January 15, it is possible that Meinders Library will be closed tomorrow as well. For weather-related updates, please check back here, on Facebook, or Twitter.

If you find yourself stuck inside for an extended winter weekend, you can access our digital platforms to engage both you and your young uns during this wintry retreat. Our Plum Creek Library System catalog can be found on our right sidebar, while other digital platforms can be found on our Quick Links tab. Enjoy great books, articles, experiments, and more! All you need is an active PCLS library card, the internet, and a device.

*Lastly, Meinders Community Library will be closed on Monday for MLK Day.

relax and read, or get moving with snowshoes and yoga~ jody

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Author Talk Cancelled

Due to the author’s need to quarantine, the author talk for this Saturday, November 14th, has been cancelled. Because of the current Covid-19 situation in Pipestone County and new mandates for social gatherings coming from Governor Walz, it will not be rescheduled at this time.

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Password Protect Your Library Card

With the exception of eLibraryMN (aka ELM), all of our library services are accessed through your library card.

  • Checking out a book? You need your card.
  • Putting an item on hold through MNLink? You need your card.
  • Accessing an e-book on Overdrive? You need a card.
  • Reading an audio book on RBdigital? You guessed it: you need a card.
  • Using Plum Creek Library System’s online catalog? Yep. You need your card.
  • Exploring any of our Scholastic platforms such as ScienceFlix and BookFlix? Cards definitely required.

Because of this, it is important that you protect your library card and the information in your account in much the same way you safeguard your debit card–password and all.

I can already see some of you scratching your heads, thinking, What is this password?

I once did the same thing. Who needs a password on a library card, and how do I get one? The answer is easy peasy. You need a password if you ever plan on using your library card to access our digital materials. When your card was made, you were told your password by the friendly librarian at the circulation desk. At some point thereafter, you may have changed your password. In fact, you should have changed your password to keep your checkout information safe and to eliminate the possibility that someone else may be using your card to access your library account and all the platforms your card unlocks.

But, if you’re like me, you maybe forgot to reset your password. Or, you immediately reset it, then years went by, and now you finally want to sit down with your kids and poke around on ScienceFlix together. Well, lo and behold, you have forgotten the little protective gem in the ensuing years.

Never fear, you are in full control of your literary info.

  • If you don’t know your password, call the library and we will reset your password for you. Don’t worry about us knowing your password, you get to change it the second you get off the phone with us. To do so, follow the next step.
  • If you know your current password–which you do, because we just gave it to you, or you are one of the rare rock stars who just memorizes everything easily–you can, and should, change it online through the OPAC (our Online Public Access Catalog) which you can access by clicking here.
Log in to your account on the right sidebar using your library card bar code and password.

Once you’ve gotten into your account, you can do all sorts of things like renew books, put items on hold, and see if you have any fines (hint, you shouldn’t, as we have stopped fines from accruing during COVID to help you get your books back safely without penalizing you in the process). You can also check your reading history, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, or request that we update your personal information such as email, phone number, or address. These things are found on the left side bar.

Yes, my middle name is now out there for the world to see–as are my latest checkouts.

As you can see from the above image, once you are logged into an account, you have access to all the great stuff the library has to offer. This makes it even more important to change your password. Especially since it’s easy to lose or misplace one of your cards.

When I was cleaning out my desk at home, I came across a stray library card. Having four kids and a husband, I had a pretty good chance of guessing the right name. Nope. It belonged to one of my youngest son’s friends. If I had nefarious intentions, I could have accessed all sorts of personal information from that lone card as long as the password had never been changed. It hadn’t.

Which leads us to this post. Please password protect your library card.

keep reading, keep learning~ jody

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Construction Hours

Due to construction and the holiday weekend, Meinders Community Library will be open for curbside pickup from 10am-3pm this Tuesday 9/8, Wednesday 9/9, and Thursday 9/10. The library and parking lot will be inaccessible after 3pm on all of these days.

We will resume our normal in-house and curbside pickup hours on Friday 9/11 from 11am-6pm. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.