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What is a STEAM Room, anyway?

STEAM5Contrary to popular belief, the STEAM Room at Meinders Library isn’t a sauna. Rather, STEAM represents all the wonderful aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. It is hands-on learning when you don’t realize you’re learning. It is the process of engaging in your world in a myriad of ways.

For those who attended our Full Steam Ahead event in May, our STEAM Room represents crafts, activities, presentations, and the process of building, failing and trying again. It was rainmakers and greeting cards. Kites and knitting. Spinning and quilling. It was running cricut machines, experimenting with 3D pens, and programming robots.

All these things and more are the future of our STEAM Room and STEAM events. With your help, it can be much, much more.

Two months ago, we applied for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant. Last week, we made the top 200. This week, voting will begin. Anyone with a valid email address and a passion for learning can support our cause and nudge it toward a $25,000 win.

So, what is our cause? 

To provide community access to tools, education and experiences necessary to ignite new passions and learn new skills.

By creating a welcoming environment that pairs learning and fun, the STEAM Room at Meinders Library will provide programming and hands on opportunities to help individuals of all ages successfully understand and engage in the world at large.


Beginning Wednesday, August 16th, you can invest in your community. For ten days, individuals with a valid email can vote up to ten times per day for our cause. That’s 100 votes per person.

The top 40 causes with the most votes wins.




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