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They’ve Escaped!

Nothing in the world is more fun than hanging with teens.

Locking them in a room could be the highlight of my kid-centric career.

They've Escaped
The second group of kids to test run our newest endeavor at Meinders Library.

For one hour (and eight minutes), they cracked codes, pieced together puzzles and solved the mystery of Mugged: an Escape Room Adventure.

Our first crew was a bit younger and consisted of four 13-year-olds. While the escape room wasn’t complete at that time, their feedback was invaluable in showing us what needed tweaked.

The last test crew will enter Meinders Inn and Suites on Saturday. Books-n-Brew book club members will have one last crack at solving the mystery before we go live to the public on Friday, August 18.

Thanks so much to all our willing victims!

*No children were harmed in the making of this blog post, though Emily and I have sore abs from laughing at all the wonderful one-liners they provided for our entertainment.

“That’s a lot of locks.”

“This is really confusing. I like it.”

“Don’t panic. That’s helpful.”

“Oh, God, there’s more?”


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