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Mugged No More

Don’t Forget: Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25k to help make more Meinders Memories.

Our weekend of escaping is officially over.

Thanks to all of our wonderful new friends and escapees. We had a blast watching you crack the codes and solve the mystery of I.M. deRyter’s writing journey. Mugged had a 55% solve rate! Go, teams.

Also, a huge thanks goes to GrandStay Hotel and Suites, Pipestone, for all the wonderful props to make Meinders Inn and Suites look and feel authentic. Your little touches in setting the stage made our escape room super awesome.


Our Escapees beating the 70 minute mark for the win in Mugged: an Escape Room Adventure

  1. Super Locky! 28 minutes
  2. Team Cheeta: 35 minutes
  3. Dynamic Duo: 54 minutes
  4. Sparkle Squad: 64 minutes
  5. Where’s Walrus? 68 minutes
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#fullSTEAMahead for More Escape Room Fun

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To date 43 brave souls have escaped from Mugged: an Escape Room Adventure.

Another 4 groups are expected in the next two days, bumping the total number of adventurers above 75.

Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25,000 and help us escape the constraints of our limited budget!

Your Votes can help bring more great programming like this to our area, as we will be able to integrate STEAM into the making and escaping of future escape rooms.

Anyone with 13 or older with a valid email address can vote. Even if you haven’t voted yet, you can still get in on moving the grant forward. If you vote everyday until August 25, you can still provide us with 70 votes. If you shared this with just one person and they voted, we could add 140 more votes to our cause. Two increases our level of support by 210. 

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us reach the lives of our community members through a variety of opportunities such as this. Voting for Mienders Library Full STEAM Ahead through State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist program is the single easiest way to financially support the library with a click of the button.

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Book Club Cracks the Code

books n brew
Books-n-Brew Book Club Celebration

After 81 minutes, book club members turned the key on the last lock and escaped with a win!

Mugged: an escape room adventure has 10 locks made up of directional, letter, number, combination and key locks. Each one must be unlocked within an hour to garner a win.


“This is the hardest escape room I’ve ever done.”

“Guys, 16-year-olds are better than us.”


Well, yes and no.

Each team was equally helpful in navigating the pitfalls of our escape room. After each test run, we tweaked some things, making it impossible to compare times. So while the teens technically escaped 13 minutes faster than the adults, it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

Never fear if you are missing out on this round of escape room madness. As of now, we plan to create another escape room in October!

16 hours to go before you can Vote Full STEAM Ahead for $25,000






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They’ve Escaped!

Nothing in the world is more fun than hanging with teens.

Locking them in a room could be the highlight of my kid-centric career.

They've Escaped
The second group of kids to test run our newest endeavor at Meinders Library.

For one hour (and eight minutes), they cracked codes, pieced together puzzles and solved the mystery of Mugged: an Escape Room Adventure.

Our first crew was a bit younger and consisted of four 13-year-olds. While the escape room wasn’t complete at that time, their feedback was invaluable in showing us what needed tweaked.

The last test crew will enter Meinders Inn and Suites on Saturday. Books-n-Brew book club members will have one last crack at solving the mystery before we go live to the public on Friday, August 18.

Thanks so much to all our willing victims!

*No children were harmed in the making of this blog post, though Emily and I have sore abs from laughing at all the wonderful one-liners they provided for our entertainment.

“That’s a lot of locks.”

“This is really confusing. I like it.”

“Don’t panic. That’s helpful.”

“Oh, God, there’s more?”

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Mugged: an escape room adventure

Today’s Escape Room Teaser

Definitions of MUG

*as provided by Merriam Webster *

mug definition

Stay tuned to our blog (most easily by following us on FB or by clicking the little button on the right), as we slowly reveal information about our 1st Ever Library Escape Room Adventure! Registration is required to join the fun, crack the codes and solve the mystery.