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Book Club Cracks the Code

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Books-n-Brew Book Club Celebration

After 81 minutes, book club members turned the key on the last lock and escaped with a win!

Mugged: an escape room adventure has 10 locks made up of directional, letter, number, combination and key locks. Each one must be unlocked within an hour to garner a win.


“This is the hardest escape room I’ve ever done.”

“Guys, 16-year-olds are better than us.”


Well, yes and no.

Each team was equally helpful in navigating the pitfalls of our escape room. After each test run, we tweaked some things, making it impossible to compare times. So while the teens technically escaped 13 minutes faster than the adults, it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

Never fear if you are missing out on this round of escape room madness. As of now, we plan to create another escape room in October!

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