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Holiday Closure at the Library

Did you know that President’s Day doesn’t officially exist? Instead, the holiday we know as President’s Day is actually Washington’s Birthday. Which doesn’t actually fall on his birthday.

Welcome to the complicated world of federal holidays.

So, quick recap: President’s Day is legally Washington’s Birthday which falls on the third Monday of February to give American’s a three-day weekend. As the first celebrated holiday (1879), it honors our country’s first president (DOB: February 22). Later, President Lincoln (DOB: February 12) was rolled into the day of commemoration, though Congress was unwilling to officially change the name.

The story goes that retailers were not enamored with offering “Washington’s Birthday Sales”, so they opted to use the alternative of President’s Day. Can’t say I blame them as the former sounds a bit strange. That said, since shopping isn’t my thing, it would be nice to celebrate corretly.

Officially, Meinders Community Library will be closed on February 21st in honor of Washington’s Birthday.

If you’d like to know more about Federal holidays or presidents or history, you know where to find us…just not on Monday.


Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.