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MmmmMmmmMmmm Means Thanks

It’s hard to feel anything but inspired when plates of deliciously warm treats arrive at your circulation desk. All of a sudden, my afternoon of inventory no longer seems daunting. Thanks, Janelle!

While I became a librarian to share my love of books with others, I never expected to be the recipient of so many thoughtful kitchen endeavors over the years. One thing I know for certain: book lovers can cook! And if you don’t believe me, join a book club. Good books. Good food. Good thoughts. You can’t go wrong.

You can also never go wrong when you make others feel appreciated. If you want to bake your own pick-me-up for family, friends, or co-workers, we’ve got oodles of cook books you can choose from. Or, pop on Overdrive and find fantastic recipes from the comfort of your kitchen.

(Sorry, Library Squad, the cookies will be cold when you return and the plate will be a lighter, but I promise you will not be disappointed!)



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