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Count Us In Call To Action

*Even if you have filled out the Census, please keep reading. Your help is needed!

Meinders Community Library is committed to making sure everyone in our community is counted because the Census Actually Matters. Here’s how. And, honestly, Minnesotans have been doing a good job, but we still have a long way to go.

How can you help ensure the 2020 Census count is correct and that your community receives federal funding and representation based on the actual number of residents on April 1, 2020?

  • Fill out your census form. It’s super easy to do using pen and paper, a landline, a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer.
  • Ask your friends and family if they have submitted their census. If not, help them.
  • Share the need for an accurate count with everyone you know. If helpful, let neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers, and fellow congregants know that the census is available in a variety of languages and/or can be completed by phone. Remind them that regardless of literacy skills or citizenship status, they matter. Census data is confidential.
  • Encourage homeless individuals or victims of domestic abuse to fill out their census forms. Certain safety measures have been built into the process to allow at-risk persons to still be counted.
  • Share what the library can do. This can be accomplished easily via word of mouth, email, text, or social media.

What can the library do? Provide the resources for everyone to get counted.

  • Wi-fi is available in the parking lot 24/7. Anyone with a device can connect to our internet and fill out their census form.
  • iPads are available to use on the premises upon request to anyone who wishes to fill out their census online, but has no means to do so. Individuals can call the library Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays between 11am and 6pm to request help with this. (507) 825-6714
  • Census Saturday will take place between 10am and noon on Saturday, April 25. No appointment is necessary. Simply come to the library parking lot with your information (address and names and birth dates of those living in your household). Once you arrive, someone will come out with a device to help you get started.
  • As a Questionnaire Assistance Center, we can answer questions on the process and help connect you to other resources.

You count! And you can count on us to help you make a difference.

cover your sneezes and fill out your census form…your community will thank you~ jody


Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.