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Is Your Emergency Info In The Right Hands?

Over a dozen years have passed since we last updated our will. Silly when you consider that two of our kids have graduated…not only from  high school, but also from adult things like colleges and marriages and home-owning and car-buying…and that our third will finish his senior year of high school in about a month.

That leaves one nestling still at home and a much-changed landscape from when we decided what a post-parent future would look like for our kids.

Grim thoughts in some ways, yet necessary ones when raising a family. But, COVID-19 not withstanding, we are at a completely different stage in our lives. We are now at a point where we need to consider our own health and the impact that serious illness or injury will have on those around us.

Add the pandemic and today, National Healthcare Decision Day, becomes vital to all of us on a variety of levels.

0416201003_HDRIt gives us the necessary nudge to look past the clutter of everyday life and assess how best to handle our medical care and all the decisions related to it. From passwords to life insurance policies and contact information to critical care directives, this national day reminds us that a “junk drawer” approach to our health  may not be the best option.

It’s true that most of us put off unsavory tasks. I know I have. A simple peek into my junk cupboard proves the point. I know where our severely outdated will is located. My hubby knows where our insurance policies are. My sister’s know my health directive dos and don’ts.

Unfortunately, our now-adult kids do not. And chances are, they are the ones who will have to navigate our home, our health, and our hodge-podge filing system.

April 16, 2020, is National Healthcare Decision Day. It’s a good day to get your emergency information into the right hands.

stay home, clean cupboards, and stay safe~ jody



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