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PAS Coach Scores Against COVID19


Scrolling through the postponements and cancellations of life right now can be downright disheartening. But if you are willing to brave the darkness, you will find so many examples of people pushing back, refusing to give in.

Last night was to be the Arrows first baseball game of the season. For many boys, 2020 is their last baseball season. Thankfully, Z refused to let the moment slip away. Despite the fact that the game would have been cancelled anyways due to the ice storm, he sent out “stats” for the game. My senior son pored over the virtual stat book, crowing at his RBI.

“Yeah, I can hit the ball. I don’t usually get on base, but I can bring a runner home.”

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As the library cancels, postpones, and reschedules programs, we are fortunate to be working with dedicated artists and performers–ones with heart and passion and compassion. As such, we are working to create virtual performances for our patrons to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

One such is musician and composer, Kevin Sherwin who is graciously creating a mini concert for us in lieu of his May 5 performance.


We are one week into our Stay At Home order. We are three weeks into our national social distancing directive. Standing at the plate, squaring off against an admirable opponent, is difficult on the best days. Now it is necessary.

The seasons of life are short, take the pitch. Even if you don’t score yourself, you can still help win the game.

stay home and stay safe~ jody 


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