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harry potterIn case you missed the good news, everyone in your household, on your block, or in the Plum Creek Library System can read the first Harry Potter book during the month of April. Better yet, they can do so in virtually any language.

French and Spanish students can enhance their studies by listening or reading in their foreign language of choice. Non-Native English speakers/readers can comfortably enjoy this delightful book that shaped an entire generation of young readers.

Thanks to Pottermore Publishing, PCLS has access to both audio and ebook versions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. All you need is a library card, the internet, and a device. As well as a little time. Which, at the moment is nearly endless for many in Minnesota affected by the Stay At Home order.

This offer runs through the end of April and can be found here. Don’t forget, Meinders Library wi-fi extends to our parking lot.

Though it’s been years since I’ve dabbled in the magic of Hogwarts, I won’t let this opportunity slip away. Especially since I can dust off my two years of high school German and see just how much I’ve remembered forgotten.

join the social distancing movement to keep your loved ones safe with #HarryPotterAtHome~ jody


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