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April Programming Preview with Help from Our Youth

Get Connected at Meinders Community Library

and See STEAM in Action!

The Pipestone Area Robotics Team #3298, aka the ArrowBots, are battling their way to the top in Minneapolis this Friday and Saturday. To watch the qualifying rounds, simply follow the link below. These matches are streamed live and are super fun to watch!

Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional presented by the Medtronic Foundation

Match Red Alliance Blue Alliance Scores
6709 2232 3298 5637 3299 3026 *
5996 5172 3298 4198 5541 2181 *
2509 5913 2500 2513 3298 2823 *
3298 3630 3058 7180 3454 2825 *
3038 4536 4229 2846 3298 2855 *
7038 2846 7068 3298 4664 3751 *
3134 3007 3298 2052 2498 3244
3055 5434 2515 2518 3298 4549 *
3298 3407 2987 2879 3745 3630 *

If you have time between watching #3298 and our upcoming World War II program on Monday night, stop by the school to cheer for the Pipestone Area Speech team during their sub-section meet on Saturday. The first round starts at 10am, with the second round at 11:30 and finals expected to begin at 1:30.

At this point you may asking yourself: what does speech have to do with STEAM? To which I say, communication is an art. Performing is an art. So is writing. For months, these youth (and their un-pictured teammates) have worked hard to mold the written word into something compelling, informative, and artistic.

In short, speech is the basis for understanding an idea and providing a path for others to follow. Without communication, there is no STEAM. And without steam, there is no programming. Lucky for you, we have lots STEAMy activities headed your way.

2019 spring happenings

Our goal is to bring community members together to learn, share, and grow through common experiences. All our programs are free and open to the public, so please attend those that interest you and share with others who may also enjoy what we have to offer!



Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.