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National Library Week: #ExplainABookPlotBadly

Today we tried our hand at #ExplainABookPlotBadly. Can you guess the book based on the our terrible plot descriptions? Most of these books have also been adapted as movies. But beware, these blurbs may spoil the plot.

  1. Kids: Farmer stopped from culling his litter of pigs by a precocious spider.
  2. YA: Girl makes the president mad when she and her fake boyfriend try to eat poisonous berries on TV.
  3. Classic: Mother works hard to get her five daughters married and no one properly appreciates her.
  4. Mystery: Woman enacts elaborate scheme to frame her husband and then changes her mind.
  5. Classic Mystery: Terrible house party. Everyone dies.
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Share your guesses or your own badly explained book plot in the comments or on the blog for a chance to win a prize courtesy of the Pipestone Area Friends of the Library.


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