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Book Check Out Continues at the Current Library Location (aka we can(not) wave a magic wand and levitate our books to our new location)

Let’s play a little library true or false.

True: It is our last official, open-to-the-public-during-regular-hours-in-one-of-our-favorite-book-haunts day. Starting tomorrow, our hours will be shortened.

True: We wield literary magic, not real magic, and henceforth, need a bit of time to move our collection from one location to the next. We hope to have that done by the beginning of December. (If you need some patience, we may have some left for check out. Though it will be due back to the library in a week.)

False: You can’t check out books or use the library right now. This is patently false and was likely put in this post by a mischievous warlock hoping to deceive you. You can–and should–continue to stop by the library, check out books, and read.

True: Until we tell you otherwise, you should continue utilizing the services of Meinders Community Library at the PAS Campus.

Current hours beginning November 1

  • Tuesdays: noon to 6pm: computer, limited browsing, holds pick-up
  • Saturdays: 10am to 2pm: computer, limited browsing, holds pick-up

True: If we are closed, you should return your books to the outdoor drop box (wherever it happens to be). Hint: It currently resides at the school campus. We will tell you when that changes (or, you may notice it is absent and go looking for it at our new location: 220 Third Ave SE).

True: Emily loves reading spooky books during the lead-up to Halloween. (Also true, our mannequin Dean is named after author Dean Koontz. Second fact: He’s made cameos in many of our escape rooms. Even more true: our Dean has really short legs. Not sure if the real one does or not. Guess that’s for another day of True or False.)

True: If you get in a bind and need a book or a document printed asap, you can call us. If we are able, we will help you out regardless of which day it is.*

True: We may not always be by a phone. Please have patience, leave a message, and wait for us to call you back as soon as we can. You can also email us by using the form below.

True: You can keep putting books on hold. All the member libraries in the Plum Creek Library System have been so fantastic and super supportive of us. They continue to send your hold requests via delivery despite the fact that we send very little to them in return.

*No witch potions or spells necessary. Just good, old-fashioned librarianship.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit us at Trunk or Treat tonight. Thanks to Pipestone Area Friends of the Library, we have some fantastic goodies to give away. If you would like to help support Meinders Community Library and its mission to provide programming, interactive experiences, and a variety of resources to all our patrons, you can join PAFL. (It’s easy. Trust me. No Halloween mischief at all.)



Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.