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Remembering Dakota 38+2

In the midst of the holiday season spanning from Thanksgiving to the New Year, we are called to remember that we don’t all celebrate the same days or the same ways.

This weekend, Riders of the annual Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride will journey through Pipestone on their way from Lower Brule, SD, to Mankato, MN. This Ride of remembrance began on December 9 and will end on December 26 at Land of Memories Park. The Riders will travel through Pipestone on Saturday, continuing their journey up through Russell on Sunday before heading east to the site of the United States’ largest mass execution in history.

To learn more about the aftermath of the US-Dakota War, as well as information and pictures of this year’s trek, follow Dakota 38 on Facebook. You can also check out the documentary of the same name.

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