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One Minnesota

There are common experiences which can shape mindsets and values. There are common lifestyles that shape ideology. There is even a sense of common world views, but all those commonalities are based on the premise that we all share the same life histories.

Unfortunately, this is not even remotely true. On a very teeny, microcosmic level it looks like this: I moved a lot as a child. My husband did not. I grew up around different ethnic groups. My husband did not. His family had financial stability in a way mine did not. We do not have the same “common sense”, nor do our children who had a blended experience.

What we do have is a common or shared goal and priorities. This common thread keeps us focused and gives us a strong basis for all we do.

We have created the common link that holds us together in much the same way Minitex is doing for Minnesotans.


Find out more about this amazing opportunity to read alongside your fellow statesmen.

Shared experiences like this provide built-in moments of connection, allowing participants a common starting point for conversation. It brings us together by creating a common link.

Just think of the opportunity it presents for all Minnesotans–grandmas and grandpas, neighbors and co-workers, cousins and friends. No matter who you meet, or where, you will be able to talk about this Newbery Honor Book and discuss its impact on you.

One Book One Minnesota’s very strength is that we all bring unique perspectives to this project based on our unique life experiences. It empowers us to tell–and listen to–the lessons learned from our vast and varied life histories.

At a time when we are physically divided by COVID-19, the One Book One Minnesota is pure genius. It has the potential to bring us together on a whole new level.

It is yet one more reason I am proud to be a Minnesotan during the pandemic.

read, discuss, share for a stronger tomorrow~ jody


Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.