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Revisit Some Oldies

We generally think books when we talk about classics. That said, movies and Broadway shows also live long in our hearts, as well as on the stage/screen.


Two such performances happened on This Day in History:

  • The 1943 Broadway Premiere of “Okalahoma!”
  • The release of “The Matrix” in theaters in 1999

My favorite event that happened on this date was a letter written by Abigail Adams to her husband, John Adams, dated March 31, 1776. In this correspondence, the future First Lady advocated for an America free from English constraints, as well as women’s freedom from the control of their husbands.

You can check out this great biography from the library or stop by the ever informative and always fascinating website This Day in History. When people wonder why I have so much useless information stored up in my head, I blame credit websites like this.

keep reading, keep washing, and keep learning~ jody

p.s. this is a great book for those middle school students who need to read a biography for class. For other literary recommendations, your hometown librarian is a phone call away.




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