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When Habit Holds You Back

It’s time for a new cell phone–a process that makes me infinitely cranky for a variety of reasons. I’ve ne61dxdvlgcql._sx384_bo1204203200_ver been a big shopper and cell phone shopping is the worst. Truth be told, I’d be thrilled to have my LG flip phone from over a decade ago. I simply don’t care enough about the newest technology.

Call me old-fashioned, but face recognition and fingerprint scans belong to the FBI. Siri and Co aren’t quite satisfying enough to converse with, and snapdragons belong in your garden, not in your cell phone.

That said, I’m fully aware of the “that’s the way we always do it” trap. But knowing something and acting on it are two different things. For instance, as a librarian and a judge for last year’s MNReads MNWrites Minnesota Author Contest, I’m well aware of EBooks Minnesota. Yet, I haven’t ventured anywhere near this virtual library since vetting the stories for last year’s contest.

Why? Because I’m a creature of habit. I have a stack of books from the library on my night stand and another on an end table in the living room and a third in my book basket that gets moved from place to place as the mood strikes me. I also have books in my car and on my desk at work. Jeff’s nightstand and the bathroom counter occasionally hold a few, too.

So why shop at a virtual library when my habit is holding a physical book? For 360 days I had no reason to.

And then I did. While creating a digital escape room for a presentation at MLA, I hopped onto EBooks Minnesota. I immediately saw a book I loved. I immediately started reading it. And I immediately regretted that habits are so hard to break. Because now I’m on a digital reading kick.

Seriously, EBooks Minnesota has all sorts of super awesome books like the one above on landscaping. This book and so many more can be found if you click right here. Better yet, they are all free and at your fingertips for reading anytime, anywhere.

Well, yours maybe. I still need that new phone to access this library on the go.

hop over to EBooks MN and find your newest read~ jody


Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.