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Welcome Back, Students

It’s always a pleasure when students return to the library fresh from summer vacation. This year we welcome them back with a new feel to the library, as we want nothing more than to encourage youth to visit the library often.


Some responses we’ve gotten from our new set up:

  • This feels like we’re in college.
  • It’s like we’re in a coffee shop.
  • I love this space. I can’t wait to just sit in it.
  • I almost wish I wasn’t a senior, because I want to spend so much time here.
  • Dude, this is awesome!

And it is awesome. We hope we’ve created a sense of community and belonging with enough space for privacy, relaxing, and of course, study.

In addition to the new furniture, we have great staff at the library who are truly here to help in any way possible. In return, we ask for a few things:

  • Food and drink should be consumed outside the library during school hours. If we want to keep our furniture clean, we can’t have sticky, stains all over the place. After school, we have space at the front of the library where food and drink are acceptable.
  • Furniture is for behinds, not feet. We ask that patrons do not stand on the chairs or sit on the tables. That said, you can put your feet up on the ottomans to relax.
  • Media should be minimal. Nobody should hear your phone ringing or your favorite you-tube video playing. In fact, practice using that inside voice we all learned about in kindergarten. This will make the library more comfortable for everyone.
  • And lastly, please do not move the furniture from where it’s at. While the computer lab and conference room has flexible seating with tables and chairs on casters that you can move to accommodate your group needs, our study area does not for the simple reason that the furniture is set up the way it is on purpose–to accomodate all sorts of patron preferences.

One last quick reminder before I go. It’s the one that keeps me up at night and anxious every afternoon.

The library parking lot is not a student pick-up spot.

Our lot is not set up for easy parking or maneuvering. When parents park in the library parking lot, they take parking space away from public patrons who actually want to use the library. In addition, cars are hit all the time in our lot, which poses a safety risk for students (and family vehicles)–particularly when the lot is congested.

Instead, please use the circle drive. While busy, and also congested, its purpose is as a pick-up zone for youth.

happy learning~ jody



Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.