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Bags, Books, and Backpacks, Oh My!


I am the ultimate bag lady. I don’t care about shoes and wear the same sandals for generations. Likewise, comfy, old clothes always win out over the trauma of shopping for a new wardrobe. Bags, though? That’s my kryptonite.

They are bold, beautiful, tiny, fun, sleek, sassy, and everything in between.

In school, I carried the same pencils and notebooks from year to year, but always in a new bag. Sometimes in two or three bags over the course of a single semester. But rest assured, I’m not the only bag lady around. Every librarian I know has a penchant for bags and rotates their favorites depending on how many books they feel the need to carry at any given time.

So, you can imagine my delight when we purchased our new STEM backpacks at the library. They are perfect for carrying a collection of books, games, and hands-on activities centered around a theme. Created for ages 0-8, these backpacks delight our youngest patrons, as well as their caregivers.

They have pockets–a must for any good bag–padded shoulder straps for the comfort of all serious backpackers, and room to fit all the cool things inside, ranging from bugs to snakes and pizzas to ice cream. Counting, coloring, measuring, and more can be found in our thirty one bags from our State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant.

Pick up your STEM backpack today and make the inquisitive young un’s in your life as happy as a librarian in a room full of books and bags!

creating bag ladies (and gentlemen) one backpack at a time~ jody


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