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Dogs Are Exactly Like Books

20181118_095041They each have a different personality and style. Some are small, while others are meaty. Some are all bark and no bite. Still others are the perfect cuddling companion. I’m a true believer that there’s a dog–and a book–out there for everyone.

It’s just a matter of getting the right material into the right hands.

Often, we learn our dislike for reading early in life when we are told exactly what we have to read, when, and in which format. While having a class read the same material is the tool educators use to teach young children how to read, the idea of reading what everyone else reads can be stifling as we grow up.

Somehow, there is a notion out there that the only reading worth doing is literary fiction  or the classics. We have stripped the power away from the written word by dismissing certain books as beneath us. We send the message that reading outside the expectations of the educated few is somehow wrong.

However, the time has come for us to dismiss the myth that reading is only valuable if it fits within a narrow mold of acceptance and embrace all books, no matter how “fluffy” they may be.

As a mother of four, I’ve been challenged to do just that. With two voracious readers and two struggling readers, I’ve learned to navigate the world of helping others discover their book breed. It’s a process, but the end result is well worth it.

If you are or know a reluctant reader, there is still hope in finding a love for the written word. All you have to do is be willing to try.

Just for fun, use the following guide to help find a book that speaks to you.

  1. Topic: what do you like? Sports, celebrities, survival, fact, fiction, dinosaurs, horses; the list is endless. If you have a passion, there’s a book out there.
  2. Era: what time period do you love? If it’s knights and royalty or astronauts and aliens, we have books on our shelves. Some people love history while others enjoy reading contemporary stories. There is no right time period for reading. Just a right time for you.
  3. Genre: what style of book piques your interest? Genre is the category that a book fits into. Horror, mystery, biography, romance, science fiction, and thrillers are just a few genres on the market–and in our library.
  4. Length: how much time do you have to dedicate to reading? Books literally come in all shapes and sizes. From short story compilations to novellas to epic adventures, the written word can be packaged just right for your time and interest level.
  5. Format: how do you like to process information? Reading occurs outside the covers of a traditional book. Graphic novels tell tales with text and picture, while audio books are perfect for those who learn best by listening. Magazines, newspapers, and online blogs still count as reading, so don’t ever sell yourself short by thinking reading means holding a book in your hands.

As you get started on picking the right reading material, know that it is a process of elimination. You might find the right topic, but the wrong format. You may love one author and not another. In the end, you might be surprised to find that you love reading almost as much as you love cuddling up with your favorite four legged companion.

If you need help figuring out your reading style, stop by the library. Our job literally is to get the right materials into your hands. That said, our board hasn’t approved of circulating dogs yet, so you’re on your own there!

happy reading~ jody


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