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Food Lover’s Delight

Cooking trends constantly change. Yesterday it was vegan, today it’s Keto. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

Lucky for you, Meinders Library is prepared for the newest sensation with a subscription to A to Z World Food. This online cookbook easily accommodates the flavor of the month, as well as the country of the month. Tapping into tried and true recipes from 174 countries, this culinary delight is packed with history, culture, and information on the foods eaten around the world.

Also included on this easy to navigate website are historical timelines, food inventions, dining etiquette, much needed cooking conversions, and more. Described as a movable feast, A to Z world Food has recipes from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and every country in between.

This online cookbook is free and available to all patrons of Meinders Community Library. Simply visit A to Z World Food and sign in with your library card number.

Get connected with your inner foodie!




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