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Mr. Boddy Was In the House!

Clueless: An Escape Room Adventure Challenged the Wits of 156 Community Members

117 tried their hands in the Boddy Mansion, while 39 others solved mini-puzzles in the week prior to our escape room shenanigans.

Each room from the board game “Clue” was represented and filled with clues and puzzles designed to help crack the codes and unlock ten locks.

Sometimes the room won!

Some groups solved the shortened version. Clueless Jr participants unlocked seven locks and didn’t have access to the Library, Conservatory or Great Hall. They all finished in under 35 minutes, figuring out who killed Mr. Boddy, with what and where.

Some PERSEVERED despite the obstacles, unlocking all the locks and solving all the crime stats. Despite clocking in the longest time, The Lost Ones never gave up in their quest.

The Lost Ones

Others were *this close* to tying with the majority, coming in at 64 minutes. Doubling as Mr. Boddy’s body was a favorite activity for some members of Dumbledore’s Army Remixed.

Dumbledore's Army Remixed

63 minutes seemed to be the magic number for the masses.

Not Clueless fought to slide into second place with a cool 61 minutes of crime-solving fun.

Not Clueless

And the winners were…Murder Happens with 51 minutes.

Murder Happens

Lastly, we would be remiss in not thanking our test group of 8th graders who fearlessly took on an untried room to help us find the bugs before going live. Thanks, unsung heroes!


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