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We are Clean and Ready to Go!

I can’t thank the PAS custodial staff enough for all the wonderful work they did in our library last week–and honestly, what they do for us every day. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who notices just how well-taken care of our library is. Often, new patrons will enter our library and look around in awe…”You have a beautiful space.”

I agree for many reasons. We have a surprisingly robust collection and plenty of places to read, relax and study.


  • Meinders Library had over 55,000 visitors last year.
  • The library was open for 2,754 hours in 2016.
  • 3,698 individuals attended 246 library programs last year ranging from story times to musical shows to author talks.
  • Almost 55,000 items were checked out from the library in 2016, including cake pans, DVDs, books, ebooks, audio books, cake pans, games and magazines.
  • Volunteers put in over 150 hours of work at our library. One such volunteer cleaned her way through our children’s section, wiping the grime off every picture book.
  • Since the start of 2017, the conference room has been used 115 times by 506 people.

So, while I know it can be a bit inconvenient to have the library closed for a week, it is nice to know that everything from the ceiling to the floor is clean, disinfected, scrubbed and dusted, and is now ready to go for another year of use.

Thanks for your patience in helping us maintain such a wonderful space!



Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.