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Celebrate! It’s National Library Week.

Top Ten Reasons to Love Meinders Community Library


It’s gorgeous. Seriously, with south-facing windows, warm woods and earth tones, Meinders Library provides a comfortable atmosphere for patrons of all ages. We have comfy chairs for perusing the paper, reading the next chapter of your favorite novel, or quietly catching up with friends. We even boast a teen area and a children’s area with toys to jumpstart the educational success of our little ones. (A big shout-out to Maggie who keeps our library clean. We couldn’t do it without her!)

Our Conference Room. This hidden gem is tucked away in the back of the library. It has space enough to comfortably fit eight at a table, with room to squeeze in a few more if necessary. Included in this room is a white board, as well as a computer with a camera for video conferencing. It’s the perfect size for tutoring or small group meetings and can be reserved with a call to the library.

Odds and Ends and a Few Doodads. In addition to our stacks filled with books, Meinders offers patrons a unique collection including multi-media sets of books and audio recordings for youngsters, cake pans for our local bakers and an overhead projector for DIY projects. In the past month, we have added board games to our collection which can be checked out for in-house use. Our students and after-school crowd love them.

Programs. At Meinders Library, we view programs as a way to combine education and entertainment to create a shared community experience. Facilitating community connections is an important part of what our library provides, whether it’s through joining a book club, attending author visits, or participating in one of our hands-on events.

west side pic
West Side Story Bus Trip~ April 8


Collaboration. Our combined school/public status allows Meinders Library to connect with students, educators and parents on a unique level. It also provides the opportunity for easier, and sometimes unexpected, multi-generational engagement on a regular basis. Our library is a definite asset when it comes to creating community interactions and experiences that work to strengthen a sense of belonging for all ages.

Words, Words, and More Words! As countless studies prove that literacy and success go OneClickdigital audiobookshand in hand, our library rocks when it comes to providing all of our patrons with access to free words. Meinders has several special collections that specifically target the needs of our patrons. These include: large print, audio books, magazines and a variety of newspapers. To enhance our physical collection, member libraries of the Plum Creek Library System have access to several electronic platforms such as OverDrive, ebooksMinnesota and OneClick Digital.

Emily Blaeser. No need to say more, but I will. Our children’s librarian brings knowledge and fun to our library. Weekly youth events draw big crowds. On Tuesday mornings, Emily hosts story time for our tiny tots, while Wednesday afternoons provide a cool retreat for middle schoolers interested in learning and literacy. In addition, she infuses our Summer Reading Program with activities that keep our community’s youth engaged.

Wi-Fi. Meinders Free Wireless allows patrons to connect to the internet using their own devices. We also have two laptops that can be reserved for in-house use.

Services. In many ways, Meinders Library acts like a mini office-at-your-fingertips. With a scanner/printer/copier, physical documents can be replicated and used within minutes. Ten public computers allow patrons to access emails and create documents. Less obvious, but still necessary are items like staplers, three-hole punches and a paper cutter. We even have a Keurig to help with that afternoon pick-me-up.

meinders1Volunteers. So many volunteers make our library great–from our Library Board who creates policy and strategic planning to our Pipestone Area Friends of the Library who support programming and provide financial support to our individual volunteers who cover, shelve and clean our books. Behind the scenes hundreds of hours are spent by countless individuals to make Meinders Library a comfortable place to be.

We hope you will stop in during National Library Week to check out one of our favorite places in Pipestone.


Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.