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We Are On The Map

It’s so nice to see our library on the map of greatness. It’s even better that we have so much support from our community.

One year ago, both Emily and I stepped into our roles at the library. We had big dreams that meshed well with our community’s needs and the ideals of the existing staff. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot. And while we still have a long way to go, we are extremely thankful for the support we’ve garnered on our journey thus far.


Without a doubt, we wouldn’t be up for the Evy Nordley Award if we hadn’t had so much active participation last fall for our First Annual Night at the Museum.

  • Weeks before the event, dedicated and forward-thinking educators helped their students shine by encouraging projects that showcased the talents and passions of Pipestone’s youth.
  • Scads of kids took that gentle push and ran with it. They produced one-of-a-kind artwork that excited all the senses. Cheesecakes were made (and eaten), pictures were painted, the dead remembered and films were produced. To name but a few…
  • On the day of, a tiny crew of motivated kids rocked the house when they turned our library into a museum in a handful of hours. They moved furniture, set up displays and prepared to open the doors to the public.
  • As night fell, a record breaking number of community members showed up to view our library-turned-museum. This appreciative crowd conversed with the artists, many of them realizing just how wonderful kids can be.

For one evening, the generation gap closed.


Ten months later, that night has put Pipestone firmly on the map of greatness among Minnesota’s libraries. Next week, we will find out how we rank among the other finalists for the Best Project by Friends of the Library competition. A first place award will garner us prize money that can fill a gap in our programming budget.

However, more important than the state-wide recognition is the nod to our educators, our youth and our public who tried something new.

Every program we do at the library has the potential to change the way someone sees the world. Whether a participant, a presenter or an audience member, engaging in community events provides the opportunity for growth via shared experiences. The Night at the Museum succeeded because so many individuals put themselves out there out there and because they took something away.

Thanks to all involved who have shared our library’s journey these past twelve months. Your support keeps us going and gives us the push to do great things.

*Stop by our interactive table Saturday, September 24, at the Tour of Tables at St. Leo’s Church. Read our story stacks, create bookmark poetry and admire our upcycled placemats from the 1970’s.

*Follow The Guitar’s Story with musician, Kevin Sherwin, on Sunday, September 25. Following the Viking’s Game, Kevin will regale us at the library with classical guitar music, while Pipestone Area Friends of the Library will tantalize our taste buds with light refreshments.


Meinders Community Library is a combined school and public library that serves the residents of Pipestone County in Southwestern Minnesota. It is part of the Plum Creek Library System.