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Purpose Statement:  The purpose of this organization shall be to focus attention on library services, facilities and needs, and to encourage donations, gifts, endowments and bequests to the library, thereby stimulating increased usage and enhancements of the library resources and services and thus helping enrich the lives of the local community.

How does PAFL accomplish this? PAFL assists Meinders Library with special events, helps children become lifelong readers by sponsoring reading programs and contests, supports our library financially through the acquisition of new printed material and electronic equipment, and improves the quality of life for all members of our community. Contact a PAFL board member or librarian for more information on becoming a friend.

Ways you can become involved with PAFL:

  1. Join Pipestone Area Friends of the Library. Your dues provide financial support for the ongoing work of Meinders Library.
  2. Attend library programs. Your presence at events provides moral support for the library. In addition, successful programming lays the ground work for future funding.
  3. Volunteer at a program in a variety of small, yet helpful, ways:
    1. set up
    2. clean up
    3. work at events
    4. provide refreshments
    5. make coffee
    6. find speakers
    7. distribute promotional flyers
    8. introduce speakers
  4. Fund-raise for the library. If projects are your thing, PAFL could use your talents. That said, great ideas are always welcome, whether or not you are a member.
  5. Become a board member. The time commitment and duties of a board member are minimal. The service is greatly appreciated.

For more information, stop by the circulation desk or send an email to Meinders Library. Your email will be answered by Library Staff or forwarded to the appropriate board member.


PAFL Board

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