Board Code of Conduct

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 102
Policy: Board Code of Conduct Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted May 7, 2019 February 2020

Purpose: To state the conduct by which members of the Meinders Community Library Board are expected to abide in conjunction with the Minnesota Public Library Trustee Handbook and the Meinders Community Library Board Bylaws.

Action: This policy shall be included in the Board Orientation packet upon commencement of each new term, as well as upon the subsequent revision and/or adoption of the policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Library Board will attend monthly meetings so as to:

  • Determine the policy of the library and develop the highest possible degree of operating efficiency in the library;
  • Select and appoint a competent director;
  • Advise in the preparation of a budget and budget approval;
  • Jointly review building, programming, and collection needs to ensure that they meet patron and statutory requirements;
  • Study and support legislation which will bring about the greatest benefit to the greatest number of libraries,
  • Cooperate with other public officials and boards to maintain vital public relations;
  • Support the library via promotion of events and services, attendance and use of the library in at least one significant way, and positive representation within the community in regards to library events.

As needed, Board Members will attend special meetings as necessary to address time-sensitive issues.