February 2023

Meinders Library

February 1, 2023 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Justin Schroyer at 5:15pm. Present were Jerry Brockberg, Mary Ann De Groot, Justin Schroyer, Taylor Spronk, Pat Weets, Dan Wildermuth, Emily Williamson, and Jody Wacker.

Introductions were made, as this was the first meeting for the new board after the division from the school. The agenda was approved with a motion by DeGroot and a second by Weets. There were no community concerns. Prior minutes from the December meeting were not distributed for approval. Those will be brought to the March meeting. Further, as the January 4 meeting did not have a quorum, nor a City-appointed board, there were no minutes to present. A summary of that meeting will be brought to the March meeting.

The director’s report included a summary of the Chamber Ribbon Cutting event that had been held on January 25. Over 55 people toured the new library facility and ate refreshments provided by PAFL, library staff, and patrons. Wacker reported on the January 21 Teen Cafe and gave a summary of the Winter Reading Program as well as the upcoming Author Tour hosted by Plum Creek Library System.

Wacker stated that security cameras were being installed for the safety of patrons and staff and would be complete the next day. She also talked about a grant she had applied for to install automatic doors at the entrance to make the library more accessible to all patrons.

Lastly, she relayed a conversation she’d had with Robert Meinders regarding the Meinders Community Library name, the Meinders plaque, and the signage on the outside of the school. Meinders said he would call Superintendent Enerson about requesting the items with their family name on them. Some discussion centered around the current space as a potential permanent location. Wacker recounted the things the building would need to have upgraded to be considered as a viable permanent home. This sparked conversation regarding other potential options for a permanent location including the Carnegie Library, next to the new Senior Center/Food Shelf, and the old Central School lot. Pros and cons for each were discussed with Wacker agreeing to research Carnegie Foundation funding and requirements for rehabilitating historic buildings. A request by Wildermuth was to thoroughly research each option before committing to any one space.

New business began with the election of officers. In separate motions, De Groot nominated Justin Schroyer for Chair and Emily Williamson for Secretary. Weets seconded both nominations which were passed unanimously. Jerry Brockberg was nominated for Vice Chair by Wildermuth, seconded by De Groot and passed unanimously.

By statute and City ordinance, the Meinders Community Library Board will be comprised of seven members. Members can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Terms were determined as follows with parenthetical numbers indicating the term being served:

  • One Year Terms: Taylor Spronk (1st), Pat Weets (3rd), and Emily Williamson (1st)
  • Two Year Terms: Mary Ann De Groot (1st) and Justin Schroyer (2nd)
  • Three Year Terms: Jerry Brockberg (1st) and Dan Wildermuth (1st)            

Bylaws from 2016 were distributed. Wacker will retype them into the policy format used for all policies for discussion at the March meeting. Also distributed was Policy 102: Board Code of Conduct, and the policy schedule which will be updated to reflect a three-year review calendar. Schroyer recommended that the board use the City’s policies for the Personnel Handbook, Disaster Plan, and Building Accessibility Plan. Prior to December 31, the library adopted the school’s plans. The City’s Technology Plan will also be used as a template for the library with any changes specific to the library’s needs and broader policies set forth by library statute and PCLS.

We discussed creating a Strategic Plan that would carry us through 2024 and potentially into a permanent home. A five-year plan would then be created in 2025.

The meeting adjourned at 6:01 pm.

The next meeting will be March 1, 2023.

Respectfully submitted by Jody Wacker, Meinders Community Library Director