December 2022

Meinders Library

December 7, 2022 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Justin Schroyer at 5:16pm. Present were Mary Ann DeGroot, Pat Weets, Justin Schroyer, and Jody Wacker. Absent were Melanie Welnitz and Randy Erdman.

Agenda approved with a motion by DeGroot and a second by Weets. There were no community concerns presented other than a small glitch in transferring the phone number over from the school. This had been taken care of by the time of the meeting.

Minutes were discussed, though it is believed that the last formal meeting occurred in October, thus there were no minutes presented.

The board received a tour of the new library space.

New business included conversation regarding the budget. Schroyer and Wacker will meet with Jeff Jones, city administrator, to discuss how the budget will be made and executed moving forward. New board members to replace the school’s representatives were discussed and include: Gerald Brockberg, Dan Wildermuth, Emily Williamson, and Taylor Spronk. In the future, the board will need to review and update Bylaws and Policies to align with the current status of the Public Library after dissolution of the agreement with the school.

The meeting adjourned at 5:50pm

The next meeting will be January 4, 2023.

Respectfully submitted by Jody Wacker, Meinders Community Library Director