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Password Protect Your Library Card

With the exception of eLibraryMN (aka ELM), all of our library services are accessed through your library card.

Because of this, it is important that you protect your library card and the information in your account in much the same way you safeguard your debit card–password and all.

I can already see some of you scratching your heads, thinking, What is this password?

I once did the same thing. Who needs a password on a library card, and how do I get one? The answer is easy peasy. You need a password if you ever plan on using your library card to access our digital materials. When your card was made, you were told your password by the friendly librarian at the circulation desk. At some point thereafter, you may have changed your password. In fact, you should have changed your password to keep your checkout information safe and to eliminate the possibility that someone else may be using your card to access your library account and all the platforms your card unlocks.

But, if you’re like me, you maybe forgot to reset your password. Or, you immediately reset it, then years went by, and now you finally want to sit down with your kids and poke around on ScienceFlix together. Well, lo and behold, you have forgotten the little protective gem in the ensuing years.

Never fear, you are in full control of your literary info.

Log in to your account on the right sidebar using your library card bar code and password.

Once you’ve gotten into your account, you can do all sorts of things like renew books, put items on hold, and see if you have any fines (hint, you shouldn’t, as we have stopped fines from accruing during COVID to help you get your books back safely without penalizing you in the process). You can also check your reading history, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, or request that we update your personal information such as email, phone number, or address. These things are found on the left side bar.

Yes, my middle name is now out there for the world to see–as are my latest checkouts.

As you can see from the above image, once you are logged into an account, you have access to all the great stuff the library has to offer. This makes it even more important to change your password. Especially since it’s easy to lose or misplace one of your cards.

When I was cleaning out my desk at home, I came across a stray library card. Having four kids and a husband, I had a pretty good chance of guessing the right name. Nope. It belonged to one of my youngest son’s friends. If I had nefarious intentions, I could have accessed all sorts of personal information from that lone card as long as the password had never been changed. It hadn’t.

Which leads us to this post. Please password protect your library card.

keep reading, keep learning~ jody

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