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Refreshing Reads at Meinders Library

Don’t give up on summer yet–or on voting #fullSTEAMahead.

refreshing reads
Round out your reading list with one of our new arrivals from your beloved authors. Or, find a new author to add to your list of favorites like one of the sweet titles shown above.
  • Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo in print and on audio
  • Lying Game by Ruth Ware
  • Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
  • Sulfur Springs by William Kent Krueger
  • Wired by Julie Garwood in print and on audio
  • 2 Nights by Kathy Reichs
  • Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson
  • Late Show by Michael Connelly
  • Look Behind You by Iris Johansen
  • The Life She Was Given by Ellen Marie Wiseman
  • Plus another 30 titles


Up for a good discussion? Early Bird Book Club meets at 8:30am on the third Tuesday of each month. Their September book is “Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance.

Up for supporting a good cause? Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25,000 and help our library win a grant for more programming, more supplies and cool tools.

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4 Ways to Support Meinders Library

1. Vote #fullSTEAMahead and help us win $25,000. Every one of your votes counts, and right now, we need as a many votes as we can get! This grant will go a long way in helping us increase our programming and offerings to the all of our community members. Four more days=forty more votes.

book returns

2. Bring back long overdue or lost library books. Un-returned items cost the library–and therefore the community–money. For the next two weeks, we will waive late fees on long overdue or lost items. Return your items in the drop box or at the circulation desk before school starts. No questions asked. No judgments made. Only appreciation for helping our materials get back home where they belong.

3. Provide us with a valid email address. This quick communication between the library and our patrons helps cut down on late fees for patrons, as you will receive a reminder that items are coming due. It also alerts you of the arrival of items you have placed on hold. In addition, it significantly decreases staff time that is typically spent calling patrons. This makes us more efficient and effective, and allows us extra time for other necessary duties.

4. Follow us on Facebook or follow our blog ( This will help you stay connected to Meinders Library and provide you with up-to-date information on programs, new books, activities and events, and potential closings.

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Pick Your Cause at Meinders Library

Stop by Meinders Library to pick a handful of cherries, some good books, and a great community cause.

Nothing is sweeter than supporting things you truly believe in!

Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25,000.

Our Cause:

Provide community access to tools, education and experiences necessary to ignite new passions and learn new skills. By transforming a dedicated space into a community learning commons that targets Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math for all ages, we can provide individuals in our community with the skills and experiences necessary to better engage in their world.


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Mugged No More

Don’t Forget: Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25k to help make more Meinders Memories.

Our weekend of escaping is officially over.

Thanks to all of our wonderful new friends and escapees. We had a blast watching you crack the codes and solve the mystery of I.M. deRyter’s writing journey. Mugged had a 55% solve rate! Go, teams.

Also, a huge thanks goes to GrandStay Hotel and Suites, Pipestone, for all the wonderful props to make Meinders Inn and Suites look and feel authentic. Your little touches in setting the stage made our escape room super awesome.


Our Escapees beating the 70 minute mark for the win in Mugged: an Escape Room Adventure

  1. Super Locky! 28 minutes
  2. Team Cheeta: 35 minutes
  3. Dynamic Duo: 54 minutes
  4. Sparkle Squad: 64 minutes
  5. Where’s Walrus? 68 minutes
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#fullSTEAMahead for More Escape Room Fun

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To date 43 brave souls have escaped from Mugged: an Escape Room Adventure.

Another 4 groups are expected in the next two days, bumping the total number of adventurers above 75.

Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25,000 and help us escape the constraints of our limited budget!

Your Votes can help bring more great programming like this to our area, as we will be able to integrate STEAM into the making and escaping of future escape rooms.

Anyone with 13 or older with a valid email address can vote. Even if you haven’t voted yet, you can still get in on moving the grant forward. If you vote everyday until August 25, you can still provide us with 70 votes. If you shared this with just one person and they voted, we could add 140 more votes to our cause. Two increases our level of support by 210. 

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us reach the lives of our community members through a variety of opportunities such as this. Voting for Mienders Library Full STEAM Ahead through State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist program is the single easiest way to financially support the library with a click of the button.

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#fullSTEAMahead is 13 out of 200

Making the top 200 out of 2,000 causes nationally for our STEAM Room was super exciting.

Watching the support roll in as our friends, families, and community members Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25,000 is overwhelming. With your help, our maker space will be awesome! Your votes over the next eight days can keep us in the running, with the top 40 causes each winning $25k.

S is for STEAM: just one of the many projects we can do in our STEAM Room!

We greatly appreciate how everyone has pulled together for a cause that will benefit the entire community.

An extra thanks goes out to KLOH and Bill Van Hoecke for hosting Meinders Library this morning and letting us share the great news regarding State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist program and our end goals should we receive the $25,000 grant.

Our community rocks!

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The Weight of Words

As a writer, I appreciate the impact of words. As a reader, I am sometimes more inspired by the lack of words and how much can be said in the space between the lines.

no news
Move along, there is nothing to see here…

As a librarian, the front pages of our two local papers is awesome, powerful, and terrifying. Please take a moment to appreciate how important it is for our communities to connect to each other, as well as to the outside world. Take a moment to reflect what a world without the freedom of words would mean to you.

Thanks to The Globe and Pipestone County Star for shedding light on our uncensored freedom to read any angle of any issue whether or not we agree with what we see.

Please don’t forget to Vote #fullSTEAMahead for $25,000.

You can vote every day for the next nine days–even if you missed voting on Day One.

If you need help signing up to vote, stop by the library. We will walk you through it. We even have laptops set up to make the process as easy as possible.