Meinders Community Library Board Policy 606
Policy: Volunteers Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted   January 9, 2019  August 2022

Purpose: To provide volunteers the opportunity to assist, enhance and support the work, mission and goals of the Library in addition to the duties performed by paid Library Staff.

Section 1: Volunteer Expectations

  • Volunteers are expected to know and uphold all policies and tenants of the Library as established by the Library Board.
  • Volunteers are expected to maintain patron privacy and confidentiality of all Library activity including, but not limited to: conversations overheard or partaken in with Staff and/or patrons, as well as patron behavior, circulation history and computer use.

 Section 2:  Recruitment and Placement

  • Individuals fourteen-years or older may volunteer with the Library. Those over 18 years of age who volunteer on a regular basis will need to complete a background check. Exceptions may be made for younger volunteers based on Director discretion and volunteer requests.
  • Volunteers may offer their time and services, or be recruited by the Library Director, Staff or Board via personal connections or advertisement depending on current needs.
  • The Director shall assess volunteer requests, time and ability before accepting a volunteer or placing a volunteer in certain capacities. All decisions are made based on volunteer compatibility with current Library needs.

 Section 3: Orientation, Training and Supervision

  • Once offered a position, volunteers will be provided with a physical or digital copy of the Library Policy and the Library Operating Guide.
  • As with Staff, volunteers will be trained on the duties they will be expected to perform and will not be allowed to work solo until they demonstrate ability to efficiently and effectively complete the tasks as agreed upon.
  • Volunteers may be supervised by any staff under the direction of the Director.

Section 4: Recognition and Retention

As volunteers make it possible for the Library to provide quality customer service and a variety of programs, volunteers are a valuable part of the way the Library functions. As such, volunteers will be treated respectfully at all times by all Staff and Board members and will be recognized as valuable members of the Library team. The goal of the Library is to create an atmosphere conducive to long-term volunteer work as a way to supplement Library offerings.