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Strategic Plan and Action Plan

Mission: Meinders Community Library provides programming, interactive experiences, and a variety of resources to all our patrons.

Vision: We are a community hub focused on enriching lives and supporting success.



2019 Action Plans:

  1. Grow active users by 5% (1,500 individuals)
  2. Increase Circulation by 5% (36,225 issued books)
    1. Increase patron participation.
      1. Increase active patron counts
      2. Increase literature centered programming
  1. Offer broad range of materials
    1. STEM kits
    2. Spanish books
  1. Highlight collection
    1. Weeding
    2. Displays
  1. Brand the Library as a Professional Entity
    1. Logo
    2. Promotional items
  2. Increase Library Visibility
    1. Welcome new residents to the area via welcome packs for new residents, new babies, and new students
    2. Participate in three community outreach opportunities each year, including: Water Tower Festival Parade and Farmer’s Market
    3. Use targeted social media to increase visibility online.
      1. Blog: increase followers by 20% (to 550 followers)
      2. Facebook: increase followers by 20% (525 followers)
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