Request for Reconsideration

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 701
Policy: Request for Reconsideration Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted   January 9, 2019  November 2022

The Board of Directors for Meinders Community Library has established reconsideration procedures to address concerns about challenged resources. Completion of this form is the first step in those procedures. If you wish to request reconsideration of Library resources, please return the completed form to the Library Director, Meinders Community Library, 1401 7th Street SW, Pipestone, MN 56164

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________________________________

State: ________________________________________________________________________

Zipcode: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________________

Do you represent: ________ self?      __________ organization?

  1. Resource on which you are commenting:

_____Book     _____Textbook           _____Video    _____Display  _____Magazine

_____Library Program            _____Audio Recording          _____Newspaper

_____Electronic Information/network (specify)

_____Other: ____________________________________________________________

Title: __________________________________________________________________

Author/Producer: ________________________________________________________

  1. What brought this resource to your attention?
  2. Have you examined the entire resource?
  3. What concerns you about this resource) use additional pages if necessary)?

Are there other resources you would suggest to provide additional information and/or other view points on this topic?