Record Storage Disposal

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 105
Policy: Record Storage and Disposal Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted November 1, 2017 July 2016 May 2020

Purpose: To set forth a schedule and guidelines for record retention, storage and disposal following Minnesota Statutes 138.17 and 13.40 and the General Records Retention Schedule for Minnesota Cities to preserve or properly destroy accumulated data and/or records.

The Library will keep pertinent records as needed for reporting, auditing and historical purposes. As Pipestone Area School acts as the fiscal agent, as well as the personnel manager, many of these records will be kept in the District Office per the school policy. In addition, the Library will implement the following guidelines pertaining to their record storage and disposal. Note that the Library may retain records beyond those set forth by the General Schedule if there is a reason to do so.

The following list reflects the most critical records and is not exhaustive of all the records and data that the library produces, maintains and preserves.

Employee Records

  • I9 Forms will be retained for 6 years post-employment in the HR department.
  • Ongoing Staff Records will be maintained in the Library throughout staff employment and one year past resignation to include: Updated Contracts, Performance Reviews, Job Descriptions, Incident Reports, Complaints or Disciplinary Actions. Further, if termination of employment is contentious, records will be kept at least three years

Patron Records

  • Patron Library Registration Forms shall be kept on file until the patron becomes inactive for at least three years, at which point they will be shredded.
  • Patron Complaints will be disposed of once the matter is taken care of. If persistent problems occur, a file will be created and maintained until the matter is resolved.
  • Police Records regarding overdue materials will be kept for three years, at which point they will be shredded.

Basic Library Information: maintained and made accessible to the public

  • Board minutes, packets and annual budgets shall be kept indefinitely.
  • State Reports or other annual reports shall be kept indefinitely.
  • Library publicity and promotional documents shall be kept on digital file when possible.
  • Director’s files—including correspondence, research, or working papers—that document policy and operational decisions and changes shall be kept indefinitely.
  • Ongoing historical records and memorabilia of the Library or volunteer groups such as Friends of the Library shall be preserved indefinitely in digital or hard copy as appropriate.