Patron Registration Policy

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 400
Policy: Patron Registration Policy (PCLS) Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted September 5, 2018 PCLS August 2021

Purpose: To create clear guidelines for patron registration of the public within Pipestone County and the Plum Creek Library System.

Residents and landowners of any member county or municipality of the Plum Creek Library System are eligible to receive a library card at no cost. The following groups are also eligible to receive cards:

  • Children under the age of 18 may receive a card at no cost if the application is signed by a parent or legal guardian in the presence of a library staff member.
  • Cards may not be issued to children with a custodial parent or legal guardian who is not in good standing at any Plum Creek Library System member library.
  • Minnesota residents with a valid card from his or her home library living in an area that participates in the Minnesota Reciprocal Borrowing Compact may register and borrow at no cost.
  • South Dakota residents who attend the Pipestone school district or with children who attend the Pipestone school district may receive a card at no cost.
  • Individuals and families may receive a non-resident card good for one year at a charge of $50. This includes residents of other states and residents of communities in Minnesota that do not participate in the Minnesota Reciprocal Borrowing Compact.
  • Temporary residents such as construction workers, migrant workers, and visitors may receive a card good for three months from the date of issue at a cost of $15. At the end of the three month period, the card may be upgraded to a non-resident card for an additional $35.
  • Businesses, institutions, and organizations may receive a card under the same terms as individuals. The card application must be signed by the owner, president, treasurer, or other signatory eligible to take responsibility for the materials borrowed on the card.

Applicants must complete the Plum Creek Library System form and sign it in front of a library staff member. The required fields, marked by an asterisk (*) on the form, must be completed before a card will be issued.

  • Identification may be a valid driver’s license or state identification card, tribal identification card, passport, or immigration identification with a photograph.
  • If the address on the identification is not current, proof of current address must be provided by showing a check, piece of business mail, or other item.


Approved by PCLS Advisory Committee 1/6/2016

Approved by PCLS Governing Board 1/20/2016

*A $3.00 fee is charged for a replacement card.