Patron Privacy Policy

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 401
Policy: Patron Privacy Policy (PCLS) Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted September 5, 2018 PCLS  August 2021

Purpose: To protect the privacy of Library patrons within Pipestone County and the Plum Creek Library System.

Minnesota Statute 13.04 provides that individuals on whom data is stored by a government entity have the right to know what data is stored, how the data will be used, and what happens if the individual refuses to provide it.

Minnesota Statute 13.40 provides that patron records are private and that information linking a patron to materials requested or borrowed or with a subject about which the patron has requested information may not be disclosed without a court order except for library purposes.

Plum Creek Library System requires public libraries using its shared ILS to use the Plum Creek card application, which includes a Tennessen warning. Cards will not be issued to patrons who do not provide the information marked with an asterisk(*) on the application form.

Card applications will be kept by the library that accepts them, either in print or electronic format, until the patron record is deleted from the ILS. Libraries will keep the applications in a secure location or on a secure server if they are stored online.

Plum Creek Library System will delete records for patrons whose records in the ILS have been inactive for at least three years. The records will be deleted on or about January 1 and July 1 each year and a list of the deleted records will be sent to the library that entered the record so that the applications may be removed from storage and destroyed. Libraries will destroy the applications within 30 days of receipt of the list of deleted patron records.


Approved by PCLS Advisory Committee 1/6/2016

Approved by PCLS Governing Board 1/20/2016