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Non-Circulation Services

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 303
Policy: Non-Circulation Services Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted November 1, 2017 Combined February 2021

Purpose: To provide the public with services that will enhance their educational, personal or professional lives and that may be difficult to find within the community or might otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Section 1: Public Computers

Section 2: Copy/Scan/Fax Machine

Copies and faxes must be paid for prior to service. If a patron cannot pay in full the day of service, copies will be held for two (2) days to allow the patron to return with appropriate funds. After two days, copies will be shredded.

Section 3: Audio/Visual Materials

An overhead projector and a pull-up screen are available for check out from the Library. Any other equipment, such as projectors, speakers, or other devices, must be checked out from the Audio/Visual Department with Pipestone Area Schools. Arrangements for such loans can be made with Jennifer Dunn.

Section 4: Board Games

The Library has board games available for in-house use. Please check them out at the circulation desk prior to use and return them to the desk after cleaning up and repacking all the pieces. Patrons who consistently fail to repack games appropriately will be suspended from using them.

Flexibility may be given to local patrons in good standing with the Library to check out games for one week.

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