Meeting Room Usage

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 305
Policy: Meeting Room Usage Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted   May 2, 2018 May 2021

Purpose: To provide individuals, community organizations, and businesses with private spaces for civic, cultural, educational, and informational meetings and programming.

Section 1: General Information

  • Meeting rooms must be left in the condition they were found, including placement of tables and chairs. Coffee pots must be cleaned and left on the counter by the sink. Tables shall be washed off, trash thrown away and the floor vacuumed if necessary.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Groups of children and teenagers must have adult supervision.
  • The use of meeting rooms does not imply the Library’s endorsement of any ideas expressed in the meeting nor the goals, objectives, or ideas of the person or organization using the facilities.
  • The Library is not responsible for any accident, injury, loss, or damage to the private property of individuals or organizations using the Library.
  • Upon Library Director discretion, meeting rooms may be used for the sale of merchandise, solicitation of sales, or for order placement.

Section 2: Reservations

  • Meeting rooms may be reserved three (3) months in advance, though one no-show without 12 hour advance cancellation will result in a two-week reservation window. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.
  • Library and school sponsored programs have priority use.
  • Reservations must include the name, address, and phone number of the contact person.

Section 3: Meeting Rooms

  • Conference Room: This room can hold up to 12 people and has a sink, coffee pot and mini-fridge. It can be reserved at any time during Library hours.
  • STEAM Room: This room is open to the Library and does not have a door to close for privacy. It also has a sink, as well as limited craft tools and supplies. The large center table makes it ideal for hands-on programming or collaborative work. Some craft supplies may be purchased. The STEAM Room is available for use outside of school hours. Capacity 15 people.
  • Computer Lab: The lab has space and computers for up to 30 people, as well as a SMART Board for group presentations and is available for use outside of school hours.

Section 4: Fees

  • A $50 usage fee applies to business use and personal events such as showers or parties.
  • Damages or cleaning fees may be assessed following meeting room use by any individual, group or organization and are in addition to usage fees.