Library Card Renewals, Fines, and Suspended Borrowing Privileges

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 402
Policy: Library Card Renewals, Fines, and Suspended Borrowing Privileges (PCLS) Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted September 5, 2018 PCLS  August 2021

Purpose: To create consistency of lending and updated information for Library patrons within Pipestone County and the Plum Creek Library System, and to ensure patron accountability to all Libraries within PCLS.

Section 1: Library Card Renewals

Patrons must renew their cards every three years. Those with a name change must complete a new registration form and the old one must be destroyed.

Please refer to Patron Privacy Policy for additional information.

Section 2: Fines

Each library will determine whether to charge fines and set its own rates. Fines for items lent through the Plum Creek ILS to another Plum Creek library will be determined by the policies of the library that lends the item to the patron.

If a library collects $5 or more in fines or fees at one time that were assessed by another library, it will forward the amount to the library that assessed them.

Section 3: Suspended borrowing privileges

Patrons may not borrow materials if:

  • They have $5 or more in fines and fees.
  • They have 5 or more items overdue for a week or more.


Approved by PCLS Advisory Council 2016

Approved by PCLS Governing Board 2016