Customer Service Philosophy

Meinders Community Library Board Policy 300
Policy: Customer Service Philosophy Originally Adopted Next Review
Current Version Adopted May 2, 2018 February 2021

Purpose: To set forth the expectations and guidelines for interactions between Library Staff and the community during Library services and within Library spaces.

Section 1: Philosophy

Understanding that patron experience drives success, Meinders Library is committed to providing quality customer service to all individuals in all areas. The wants, likes and needs of the community shape the types of programming, services, materials collection and physical space offered within the Library. Feedback from the public is essential to Library growth and development, and as such will be procured on an ongoing basis. Feedback is accepted on ways to improve customer service as well as on general Library offerings.

Section 2: The Customer Is Our # 1 Priority

  • The Library strives to create a clean and welcoming atmosphere for all patrons.
  • Staff will provide high quality service and engage in positive interactions regardless of a patron’s age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, financial situation, educational or political background, sexual orientation, physical or mental limitations, or any other criteria.
  • Library Staff is attentive to patron needs and treats all individuals with respect, courtesy and promptness.
  • Staff strives to understand the wants, needs and requests of all individuals by practicing solid communication skills of listening first.
  • Staff respects the perspectives and opinions of all patrons and does not engage in confrontations based on the diversity of the Library patron base.
  • Staff is well-versed in Library policies and procedures and can adequately and succinctly follow and explain said policies to all segments of the public, while understanding the need for flexibility in the face of unique situations.
  • Staff will adhere to the highest level of confidentiality regarding patron requests, information sought and personal data. Interactions and patron information will only be shared on a limited basis and within the confines of professional necessity.