January 2020


January 2020

  1. Programs:
    1. Events:
      1. December 3, 4, 10, 11Tinkers’ Workshop: 51
      2. December 14 Make and Take: 23
      3. Mobile Escape Room Kit: 39
      4. December 31One Act Movie Night: 19
      5. December Christmas Care Packages: 364
      6. January 4 Robotics Kick Off: 4
  1. Upcoming Events:
    1. January 10-12 Escape Rooms: Times Vary
    2. January 16 @ 6:30pm Digital Devices
    3. January 17-19 PAFL Book Sale
    4. February 3 @ 6:60pm Say Cheese! DIY Meat & Cheese Board
    5. February 6 @ 6:00-8pm Census Prep/Computer Literacy
    6. February 22 @ 6:30pm Movie Night OutFebruary 28 @ 5:30pm Games & Grub
  1. We Are Water MN:
    1. We hosted a successful planning meeting with community partners and the Humanities Center. We are starting to plan events and pick community members for the Absent Voices Narratives that go along with the display.
    2. Host Community Webinars are held on the 3rd Tuesdays from 1:30-3
    3. Monthly partner meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday from 4-5
  2. Funding/Finances:
    1. We are working on a budget for We Are Water to include programming, supplies, and promotion.
    2. We did purchase 1,000 activity books such as the ones we used in the Christmas Care Packages that center on water safety for the lead up to We Are Water, as well as 250 life-ring key chains for adults during the WTF parade.
  3. Trainings: I would like to purchase a membership to the Homeless Training Institute. This is the company that staff used to complete the Librarian’s Guide to Homelessness training we did as a group.
    1. $429 annually
    2. All staff and volunteers can access the 4 hour training on homelessness in the library.
    3. All staff and volunteers can access monthly webinars on relevant topics to customer service, particularly in an economically suppressed community such as ours.
  4. Projects: updating physical library registration forms after all of them were shredded when Stephanie was here.
  5. Strategic Plan:
    1. Review 2019 Goals and Outcomes
    2. Set 2020 Goals
  6. Policy Review: the following policies are set for review/approval at the February board meeting: 100-102. Please let me know if you don’t have a digital copy of the Policies.

January 7, 2020 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Monica Sullivan at 5:16pm. Board members present were Monica Sullivan, Evan Schiller, Justin Schroyer, Jody Wacker, Pat Weets, Nathan Lamb, and Amy Nelson.

No community concerns were noted, and minutes from the November meeting were discussed. Schiller made a motion, seconded by Weets to approve the minutes as presented. Motion passed.

The financial report was given by library director, Jody Wacker. Wacker noted that the Pipestone County had increased their financial support to Pipestone County Libraries. Meinders Community Library will receive 60% of the $6,000 increase for 2020. The lack of health insurance for full-time staff was discussed by the board. No solutions were presented.

During the Director’s Report, Wacker requested funding for staff training through the Homeless Training Institute. The library currently has $250 in the budget for training, which isn’t enough to cover the $429 for a year subscription that would cover all staff and volunteers for monthly webinars. Lamb said he would talk with his wife about possible grant funding for homeless training to help cover the costs.

Statistics were shared, as were the 2019 Action Plan results. The Board was pleased with the increase of library use. Schiller asked whether there were any other special collections, such as other languages, that we should look at purchasing. The Board was asked to send 2-3 ideas for 2020 Action Plans.

Old Business: When discussing snow removal from the facilities, Nelson said she would touch base with the school to make sure we were receiving adequate services when school was not in session, as often library staff has to shovel the sidewalks, and on low staff days, this is very difficult to accomplish, thus creating unsafe walking conditions for patrons. A new employee was discussed, but tabled for now, as the school just hired a new staff person and training two new staff at roughly the same time is difficult. Also, Wacker still hasn’t determined what hours would work best for her, as well as a new hire, as keeping part time employees is difficult (not enough hours or pay, yet the days needed at the library require a significant amount of commitment). Because of this, Wacker said she is leaning toward a high school student.

Weets said she would deliver books to Ridgeview and Falls Landing on the first Tuesdays of each month. She also asked about Sunrise Assisted Living in Jasper.

The next meeting is scheduled for 5:15pm on February 4. At 6:12, the meeting was adjourned.