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Walking Book Club

We’ve discussed the idea of a Walking Book Club for a long time, but this summer we’re going to make it happen. If Walking Book Club sounds like something you might want to join, we have a few questions for you.

  • What time of day is best?
  • If it’s morning, what is the earliest you’d be willing to start and what time do you need to be done by? Emily and Jody just need to be done by 10am, so they can open the library.
  • If you’d prefer evening, what would be a good start time?
  • What kind of pace? Are you a brisk walker or looking for a leisurely stroll?
  • Is there a day of the week that works best?
  • Do you have a preferred walking path or start point?
  • How often would you like to walk? Depending on the feedback, we may do multiple walking sessions.

If you’re interested in Walking Book Club, please let us know by May 22nd so we can get the days and times set by the beginning of June.

If you have an idea for another kind of book club or gathering you’d like the library to host, let us know what you’d like and a time that could work! Some suggestions we’ve received are a Midwest Authors Book Club, Classics Book Club, or a Writers/Creatives Cafe for working on projects.


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