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Mental Health Awareness: Friday Facts & Finds

Your mental health is no different than your physical health. Just like you do things to stay physically healthy, like brushing your teeth, eating well, and going to the doctor, there are things that you can do on a regular basis to stay mentally healthy. This can and will look different for everyone. The JED Foundation has a variety of resources to help you find some ideas to consider to add to your self-care practice.

Many of us face challenges that can be stressful, overwhelming, and cause strong emotions. It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry. Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day that could bring new celebrations and challenges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention How Right Now promotes and strengthens emotional well-being and resiliency that can help you through a range of emotions that we all face.

Feeling well-connected to other people promotes positive mental health and physical health, and gives life meaning. Connecting with others is one of the 10 Tools For Resiliency that Mental Health America has put together to help you feel stronger and more hopeful.

Addressing mental health isn’t just about tending to struggles, it is also about enhancing strengths so that you can thrive! According to the Mental Health Coalition, you need three things to thrive: belonging, meaning, and connection. Know that the journey can and will look different for everyone.

Stay tuned for week 3 of Mental Health Awareness Month, as I will cover finding help.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe! ~Sally~


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